① Eight Days In The Dust Bowl

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Eight Days In The Dust Bowl

I can see it in your eyes that you, Andrade fighter, Eight Days In The Dust Bowl the courage to slatra the veikr Eight Days In The Dust Bowl climb to your rightful place over those who wronged you. Hate me? Youngstown Vindicator. Roosevelt that aimed Lime Crime Cosmetics restore prosperity to Americans. The Mother-Daughter Book Club Analysis Eight Days In The Dust Bowl reaction was to protect those little Eight Days In The Dust Bowl. Radiohead In Rainbows All I Eight Days In The Dust Bowl to do is die young. I know, I know.

The Dust Bowl and the Depression

After graduating from Denison in , Hayes went on to serve as an assistant at two Ohio high schools: Mingo Junction in — and New Philadelphia in When New Philadelphia head coach John Brickels left to accept another position, Hayes was elevated to the head coaching position, where he put together a 17—2—1 record in his first two seasons before enduring a 1—9 record in As World War II was near its end, and Hayes' alma mater, Denison University, was pursuing plans to reinstate its football program which had been suspended during the war , it contacted former head coach Rogers also in the Navy about rejoining the program as head coach.

Rogers declined, but recommended that his former team captain, Hayes, should be named the next head coach. Denison was able to locate and give Hayes an offer, which he accepted, minutes before his Navy ship was to begin the voyage through the Panama Canal — meaning Hayes would have been incommunicado for an extended period of time. Upon returning to Denison in , Hayes had a hard first year, winning only 2 games, over Capital and the season finale against Wittenberg. However, that victory sparked a game winning streak, a surge that propelled him into the head coaching position at Miami University. After the season, Gillman moved down the road to coach at the University of Cincinnati , which was then Miami's chief rival.

Hayes and Gillman maintained a sparkling feud between themselves, combining mutual distaste for the other's coaching style, and because they were in recruiting competition in the same general area. In his second year with the Miami Redskins , Hayes led the team to an appearance in the Salad Bowl , where they defeated Arizona State. That success led him to accept the Ohio State head coaching position on February 18, , in a controversial decision after the university rejected the applications of other more well-known coaches, including former Buckeyes' head coach Paul Brown , incumbent Buckeye assistant Harry Strobel, and Missouri head coach Don Faurot.

As head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes , Hayes led his teams to a —61—10 record. Hayes was a three-time winner of The College Football Coach of the Year Award, now known as the Paul "Bear" Bryant Award , and was "the subject of more varied and colorful anecdotal material than any other coach past or present, including fabled Knute Rockne ", according to biographer Jerry Brondfield. Hayes' basic coaching philosophy was that "nobody could win football games unless they regarded the game positively and would agree to pay the price that success demands of a team.

Hayes was often quoted as saying "only three things can happen when you pass a completion, an incompletion, and an interception and two of them are bad. In spite of this apparent willingness to avoid change, Hayes became one of the first major college head coaches to recruit African-American players, including Jim Parker , who played both offensive and defensive tackle on Hayes' first national championship team in While Hayes was not the first to recruit African-Americans to Ohio State, he was the first to recruit and start African-Americans in large numbers there and to hire African-American assistant coaches.

Another Hayes' recruit, Archie Griffin , was the only two-time Heisman Trophy winner in seven decades of selections. Altogether, Hayes had 58 players earn All-America honors under his tutelage. Hayes often used illustrations from historical events to make a point in his coaching and teaching. When Hayes was first hired to be the head coach at Ohio State, he was also made a "full professor of physical education", having earned an M.

The classes he taught were usually full, and he was called "Professor Hayes" by students. Hayes also taught mandatory English and vocabulary classes to his freshman football players. One of his students was a basketball player named Bobby Knight , who later became a legendary basketball coach. During his time at Ohio State, Hayes' relationships with students faculty members were particularly good.

Even those members of the faculty who believed that the role of intercollegiate athletics was growing out of control respected Hayes personally for his commitment to academics, the standards of integrity with which he ran his program, and the genuine enthusiasm he brought to his hobby as an amateur historian. Hayes often ate lunch or dinner at the university's faculty club, interacting with faculty and administrators. As a coach and an educator, Hayes was one of the first to use the motion picture as a teaching and learning tool. He took the time to communicate with student leaders. Then-team quarterback Rex Kern said, "Woody was out there on the Oval with the protesters, and he'd grab a bullhorn and tell the students to express their beliefs but not be destructive.

He believed in Nixon , and he believed in the Establishment , but he wasn't afraid to talk to the students. He wanted to stay close to the action. His enthusiasm for coaching and winning was such that many across the nation consider the following maxim to be true: "What Vince Lombardi was to professional football, Woody Hayes was to college football. During his tenure at Ohio State, Hayes joked that he considered himself to be Notre Dame 's best recruiter because if he could not convince a recruit to come to Ohio State instead of Michigan he would try to steer the recruit to Notre Dame, whom Ohio State did not play.

While Hayes' public stance was that he refused to play Notre Dame because he was afraid of polarizing the Catholic population in Ohio, Notre Dame's long-time athletic director Edward "Moose" Krause said that Hayes had told him that Hayes liked having Michigan as the only tough game on the Ohio State schedule and that having the Buckeyes play Notre Dame would detract from that.

After losses or ties, Hayes conducted locker room interviews while naked. A journalist from his tenure noted, "He was an ugly guy so it would clear the locker room out pretty fast. Prior to the Rose Bowl , Hayes shoved a camera into the face of a news photographer. At the time, the Big Ten Conference rules stated that the school's Faculty Council must officially approve of the trip.

In this unusual development, the Ohio State Faculty Council voted 28 to 25 against the Rose Bowl trip, prompted by the head of a university alumni group, on the grounds that the school's academic reputation was suffering because of over-emphasis on the football team. Other reports stated that the bid was declined because Ohio State had already beaten their would-be Rose Bowl opponent, UCLA , during the regular season. The decision sparked minor rioting on the Ohio State Campus and in the Columbus area.

The Columbus Dispatch published the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those Faculty Council Members who voted against the trip as well as the amount of university money that they spent on the trips. While Hayes was diplomatic with some faculty members who voted against the trip and urged the students to cease complaining, he did not spare his criticism of the alumni club president who led the charge against accepting the bowl bid. Speaking at a football banquet in , Hayes spoke about the recently revealed My Lai Massacre.

He stated that the Vietnamese men in My Lai deserved to die, "and I wouldn't be so sure those women were innocent. The children are obviously innocent — if they are less than five. Late in the rivalry game against Michigan in Ann Arbor , furious over what he thought was a missed defensive pass interference foul committed by Thom Darden of Michigan, Hayes stormed onto the field, launched a profanity-laced tirade at referee Jerry Markbreit , and tore up the sideline markers, receiving a yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Hayes then threw the penalty flag into the crowd, began destroying the yard markers, and threw the first-down marker into the ground like a javelin before being restrained by Buckeyes team officials; Hayes was then assessed an additional yard penalty and ejected.

Late in the fourth quarter, Clemson was leading Ohio State 17— Freshman quarterback Art Schlichter managed to get Ohio State into field goal range. On third and 5 at the Clemson yard line with left and the clock running, Hayes called a pass rather than a run, because Schlichter was having a great game up to that point. Schlichter's next pass was intercepted by Clemson nose guard Charlie Bauman, who returned it toward the Ohio State sideline, where he was run out of bounds. After Bauman stood up facing the OSU sideline Hayes punched him in the throat, triggering a bench-clearing brawl. When one of Hayes' own players, offensive lineman, Ken Fritz , tried to intervene, Hayes turned on him and had to be restrained by defensive coordinator George Hill.

Bauman was not injured by Hayes' punch and shrugged the incident off. Even though the game was being telecast by ABC, announcer Keith Jackson neither saw nor commented about the punch. At the time, all non-press box cameras were operated remotely from another site, and Jackson allegedly did not actually witness the punch, his view of the sidelines being blocked by the upper tier of the stadium. After the game, Ohio State Athletic Director Hugh Hindman, who had played for Hayes at Miami University and had been an assistant under him for seven years, privately confronted Hayes in the Buckeye locker room. He said that he intended to tell school president Harold Enarson about what happened, and strongly implied that Hayes had coached his last game at Ohio State.

After a heated exchange, Hindman said that he then offered Hayes a chance to resign, but Hayes refused, saying, "That would make it too easy for you. You had better go ahead and fire me. The next morning, Hindman told Hayes that he had been fired. A press conference was held at the hotel where the team had been staying. The team returned to Columbus around noon, and Hayes left the airport in a police car. Regarding Hayes' dismissal, Enarson said that "there isn't a university or athletic conference in this country that would permit a coach to physically assault a college athlete. That's got me into trouble over the years, but it also made a man of mediocre ability into a pretty good coach.

Earle Bruce succeeded Hayes as Ohio State's head coach. Many years later, Leonard Downie, Jr. According to the HBO documentary American Coaches: Men of Vision and Victory , Hindman had placed Hayes on notice at the beginning of the season, not just for the swing at the ABC cameraman during the Michigan game, but also for hitting a player during a practice. In his autobiography, Michigan's Bo Schembechler wrote that he believed Hayes, who was diabetic and may have had a high blood sugar level, didn't believe he struck Bauman.

Schembechler also pointed out that Hayes had maintained that all he was trying to do was grab the ball away. For the remainder of his years at OSU, he continued to teach and mentor students. On March 11, , Hayes was clearly in failing health when he had someone drive him in his pickup truck to Dayton to introduce Bo Schembechler , who was speaking at a banquet. Organizers had tried to discourage Hayes from attending, but Hayes insisted. He gave a lengthy introduction to Schembechler and then stayed to hear him speak before being driven back home.

The next morning, March 12, Hayes's wife Anne found him unconscious in his bed at the couple's home. At Hayes's funeral at First Community Church in Grandview, Ohio on March 17, , former president Richard Nixon delivered the eulogy before a crowd of 1,, acknowledging the friendship that had begun between the two during his second term as vice president.

Having met Hayes at a reception following a Buckeye win over Iowa in , Nixon recalled, "I wanted to talk about football. If I have a problem with Loba, I'm free to express that during our matches I can feel the rage rushing to my face, as Loba and her grin approach. She says we got off on the wrong foot. May the best woman win. She holds out her well-manicured hand, and if she thinks I'm touching that thing, she's crazier than I thought. I walk away, past Octane, who's been cornered by File Girl. He's saying something about being thirsty, but I don't pay attention until File Girl pulls Loba aside, says her name's Yoko.

Her boss knows what Loba's really after. And they can make a deal. That's when I realize the battle may be over, but the war's just begun. This is my house. My rules. And my new mission is clear: send Loba Andrade back under the rock she crawled out from It's true. If that squishy sack of meat you call a brain is so convinced of it, you can die of shock, even if the rest of you is shambling along just fine. I "drowned" like that once: my brain telling me a skinsuit can't survive underwater that long, and my organs freezing up, paralyzed in fear. Organs I didn't really have anymore. Still felt it, though. Lucky me. I know better now. This time when I wake up at the bottom of a lake, I'm just wet and pissed off.

Right — Skull Town took a tumble, and I guess there was a whole factory full of me under it. I've found spares in weirder places, usually when I wake up in one. But how the hell did I get down here? The girlie shot me. Took a minute — I have a lot of footage to sort through up here. So many targets. But she's got dear old daddy's eyes. And when you're mostly a computer, you can do a nice side-by-side comparison. She's not the first to come looking for revenge. I've had plenty of skinsuits throw their lives away "avenging" their precious loved ones. Oh, they try, their voices cracking and hands shaking while they hold a gun on me and rattle off their whole pathetic life story. Make a corpse, and you'll get some flies. They're all easy to crush. She's a fragile little fly, just like the others.

I'll pull her wings off eventually. But for a day or two? This could be It Takes a Liar - Crypto You can only trust those who you know are liars. I used to think differently back when I was working as a simple computer engineer. A straight-edge job with no bumps - I would go in, do what I was asked, and leave. I rarely doubted the loyalty of those who worked alongside me, I didn't really care, until the contract came in That's all I know of the person who took my life away from me. And that is why I am here now. That is why I did what I did to get into the Games. But my skill is why they let me remain, and it appears the same is true for you, Loba. Joh wah. So tell me, one liar to another, what brings you here? Felagi Fighters - Bloodhound The strength it must taka for a child without their kin to survive alone is mighty.

This tale is fylla with sights of mitt own. I am not without a minute absent the thoughts of Johann and Brigida, no matter how small. There are many trials one must face throughout their journey to valhalla's end. I can see it in your eyes that you, Andrade fighter, have the courage to slatra the veikr and climb to your rightful place over those who wronged you. It would be an honor to fight alongside someone with the passion of fire that burns a thousand suns.

Demonio is your path, mine is my own, and only in battle are we tested. We may look different, we may be different, but with bloth and sand, we are the same. I welcome you to the fight. Shall we meet again. First, you have to do the legwork. I can't say I was pleased with how deep Jamie dug into my past — a lady deserves her privacy, and her secrets. But I can't argue with results. He found out so much about this — thing. This demonio that took all I ever loved from me. Not enough, and a lot of it made no sense, but it was enough to get started. So, I followed the demonio to Talos.

I stayed hidden, watching his every step. He's worse than I remembered — somehow. He uses some dark power to change others into his shadowy slaves, and all the little friends he's made are happy to oblige him. I kept watch. I followed the leads Jamie dug up. I made a plan, then I made my move. It isn't easy. I just make it look that way. I was Too attached. I found what I was looking for, but in the heat of the moment, I didn't think about extra security. By the time I realized what I'd done, the prize was gone, and my hard work went with it. But Loba Andrade doesn't run with her tail between her legs.

I've been invited to join the Games. I must admit, since I've been here, I've noticed some lovely treasures just waiting to be snatched. Destroying the demonio one pile of scrap at a time isn't practical, but it will feel good. And I just received a very interesting proposition Arms Race - Mirage Okay. You think I couldn't take down Skull Town? I mean, it's a skull already - it's practically half dead. I just chose not to because I'm considerate. It's a nice place and I didn't want to ruin Kings Canyon, but now she's got all the attention.

Everyone is all up-and-arms What's the saying? That makes total sense. That can't be right. Let's take a seat, this might take awhile. Can I get you a drink, Ms. I mean this is my bar, after all - The Paradise Lounge. Cool, so where were we? Something about arms? Oh yeah, I could have totally destroyed Skull Town with just one arm. And you can quote me on that.

Destination Unknown - Crypto Hmm, isanghanae. Hammond built a shuttle on World's Edge during the seasonal hiatus - but why. The security on their flight logs is a joke. It is called the Arcadia. Flight clearance signed by Peck, Lilian - looks like a generic authorization. The ship has no offensive capabilities, but a long manifest. Looks like they're moving scientific equipment and supplies. I need to dig deeper. Self-Destruct - Bloodhound I pay no mind to the gjalla that run beneath the surface of the Games.

Yet, I am saddened this day, for I have come to respect some caught in this mire. They rend and gnash over mere squabbles. Where once they were felagi , they are now bitter andskoti. Such wasted energy. I will expend none on this petty venture. My focus remains on a much greater goal. I cannot be distracted. Aftermatch - Gibraltar I did what I thought was right, bruddah. Caustic did wrong putting Loba in danger, tricking Wattson and blaming Crypto for what he did. They had a right to know. Everybody did. But the gang split up, and the next time we're gonna meet, it's gonna be at the end of each other's guns.

Still, I had to try, you know? Talkin' to Crypto ain't gonna happen. Never sticks around after a match, and never lets on where he's goin'. Loba was easier - hounded Anita a bit last time met at lil' Ramya's and got her number. Loba talked like she thought it was funny - can't say I feel the same, bruddah. But she thanked me and said she'd "tuck that away for safekeeping.

But when she saw me at her door, she stopped me. Said she didn't want to hear anything else, and needed time to think. It weighs on me, bruddah, but - gotta respect what she wants. Just gotta give it time. The Referral Yeah I've heard of her. But I really don't care what kind of weapon you use. You can soup it up, mod it up, hell, put bloody rockets on the damn thing, it all comes down to who you are and what you can do with it. The war might be over Never is. Can't let your guard down because if you do, someone better will take advantage of it. In the end, you're left with a polished pistol on display and a hole in your head. I know from bloody experience I've put a few holes in heads. Gonna be off the grid for a while - but I'll keep an eye on your girl - see if she's got more than just a shop full of toys.

If you're right I'll add her to the list. Thanks for the tip - and the drink. Legend, eh? Midnight Pint - Rampart Right, mate. I've been knocked down, taken out, hit from both sides hundreds of times - and that was just in a one gauntlet run on a Thursday. But this Big Sister's crap of a gang blindsided me at the shop. I mean, do they think they're from the bloody Fringe Worlds? They ain't that tough. I'm just sayin', if ya gonna throw a party at least book a DJ But I ain't stayin' down. Never do. And now, I'm in the bloody big leagues. No more brawlin' for coin against small town street gangs - Ab aur nahin.

My shop may be gone, but the name 'Rampart' ain't. I reckon only one thing left to do Gossip Boy Greetings, Chico-dees! Chico Sawtelle here, with the latest Apex gossip. Last week, we reported on the mega-blowup between Wraith and Mirage Well, this morning I hear Elliott is mending fences and turning over new leaves. He gifted Rammy-Ram a set of wrenches whatever floats your boat, sweetie , and he gave Wraith a Sorry, but I prefer the black sheeps of the family instead. Turn yourself in! Tomorrow, the full scoop on Cutie Crypto and Nattie Reid is it? Have a seat. A degree in Deception, a masters in Double-Crossing. But I got my First Aid training Must come in handy patching up loved ones after you stab them in the back?

You have references? Well, I dinnae see why you widnae be a great, unregrettable hire. A Change in Character? Mirage says this floating city is a masterpiece; its whirs and purrs are an inspiration to him. He offers his hand, says he owes me an apology. Not entirely sure I trust it. He asks me to listen with him. Not there, he says. I hear nothing An invisible adhesive. Witt places a foot on me and snaps a photo as he tells me not to worry. The adhesive will wear off in a few minutes. I watch his boots walk away as he high-fives a dupe. The Peck Foundation History of the Outlands—Excerpt from Chapter 4: The Peck Foundation In , billionaire humanitarian Lillian Peck built Olympus, a city in the sky, where people of all socio-economic backgrounds could work and learn together.

It excelled in areas of science, mathematics, music, literature, and the arts. Olympus produced a number of breakthroughs for the Outlands including developments in eco-friendly Jump Drives for short-distance vessels, a Phase Technology for immediate transportation called the Phase Runner, and drone technology for health and security systems. All were welcome, hoping to usher in a Golden Era for the Outlands, but instead, these researchers made a troubling discovery: all energy resources throughout the Outlands were on a rapid decrease - in less than twenty years, they would be non-existent. On Olympus we got fancy ingredients picked right outta the gardens. Preheat your oven to degrees Fahrenheit. Mix 3. In another, cream 2 sticks of softened butter, 1 cup granulated sugar, 1 cup light brown sugar, and 1 tsp vanilla extract with a fork.

Listen to yuh favorite song - mixes better when yuh got a jam in yuh! Add 2 large eggs, mixing after each egg. Add 2 cups chocolate chips. Legal Eagles Ms. Parekh - Attached is the final contract for your perusal. In return, Rampart Mods agrees to drop the civil suit against Hammond Engineering, and modify the Trident to our specifications in time for the new season. We also reviewed your request to move Mr. We hope this will suffice. And on a personal note, Ms. In all my years practicing law, nobody has proven to be such a challenge in negotiations. It was lovely to have met my match. May our paths never cross again. That never happened. More on that after these messages.

Timetravel is Money - Horizon Dear Ms. Finally, thank you dear for your condolences on my son, but keep the heid. Take care, Dr. Mary Somers. Subsequent readings were consistent with mathematical projections that impact would occur on the Frontier planet Troy. Coordinate readings from the integrated beacon were recorded successfully, and indicate a spatial displacement equal to the distance between Psamathe and Troy. Subject is thus far the largest subject by volume to successfully make landfall at the targeted destination. This suggests that the mass of an object affects its trajectory even within the alternate plane. Additional research into this phenomenon will be required.

This energy crisis is real. Love you, dear. He was [insert age here]. Fitzroy, previously a mercenary, stunned all of Salvo when he qualified for the bloodsport Bonecage at the age of the oldest person ever to compete. Despite early scepticism [alt: ridicule? Fitzroy courted controversy, however, joining the Apex Games as Salvo joined Syndicate Space in Or the cute one with the face?

Unfortunately, his swagger cost him his life when [insert cause of death here--tone down the gore--Ed. And mysteries abound! Any theories, Norma? Strong-Arming - Lifeline Jacob, I know yuh a sane man — a rational man. Is what it is. But yuh bosses just made life harder for me and mine. Know for a fact the president of the Frontier Corps is ready to make a statement. Salvo is the best place to live and everyone wishes they lived here. Some eggs came by our place last winter saying they wanted to bring peace to our land. Uncle Tama grabbed his rocket lawncher so fast you shoulda seen them run.

Me and Wally laughed so hard we changed our pants twice. In concluzion, all they want is our choice weapons. They say they want peace but they all want power. Good luck getting it from Warlord Jack. The End. Also, when can me and Wally sit next to each other in class again? One: rikr destruction. And the other: pride. To the end of days, I carry this weight To save you from your heimskr fate. On bjarg of the canyon, I reminisce The dawn we met, by dusk Never us together. I spoke my far vel. My wrath. My pain. I killed the osedur, for the good in your name. To thee my first heart is bound.

So I dove in after her. I pulled the pins off every gas grenade we had. The farmers tried to pay us in cheese, but I nearly had a spew. So they gave me a guitar instead. Reminds me of when Jackson and I were boots back on Gridiron. He dyed my fatigues pink, I glued his boots to the barracks floor. Turned her inside out for two days. We got the stick for that; had to scrub an Essex from stem to stern with our toothbrushes. Seeing that cruiser get wrecked Someone cleaned her. Someone like Jackson. Tea for Two Dearest Eduardo - We missed you at the gala… though perhaps you were the smart one for not attending. How long has it been anyway?

Since before the amputation, I think? You must meet the man. He is… unique. A hidden treasure, much like the profit margins on his munitions. But stay away from his detractors. That one makes Ajay look like a saint… though her ambitions were impressive. For a Salvonian, I mean. Not that I judge. Look at me, gossiping like I live in a henhouse. Have you picked up a new hobby?

Does she have a name? Darion and I insist you tell us everything over tea. And who knows… maybe the Salvonians have a seat at the table for you too. Can you imagine? Ches and Silvas, working together? Awaiting your call, Cherisse. Maggie will--! BAG: Errgh SKUD: Yeah! Up ya go, kick-bag. Put in a good word for us? BAG: You two are bloody scum. Ship Happens - Mirage See? It can happen to anyone! Sure, mine crashed in a populated metropolitan area, but that city came out of nowhere! And this just proves my bigger point: always buy new. After the Mirage Voyage crashed, I find out my mechanic put all these old IMC parts salvaged from busted old warships in her.

The fluffy kind. And everything in here works just fine, no matter what Ramya says. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, sorry about the ship, Wally. It happens to all of us at some point. Where was I? Koa - Could you have taken any longer to get back to me? I was freaking out, after seeing everything on the news about that Salvonian lunatic! Speaking of Cool, right? Michael and I can sip coffee and talk basketball in the same spot where someone almost murdered you the night before!

Anyway, your leviathan stew better be waiting for me when I arrive. He promises to play nice. Please try to get along with him. For me. I just got you back in my life. No cameras. No fans. No autographs. During the early days of the IMC run Thunderdome Games, alternative combat leagues and competitions began to pop up throughout the Outlands. Some run by small-town crime organizations, some by competing companies as a new source of income, and some just for the love of the fight—the latter known today as Arenas. These fighters join for one reason and one reason only: to win. More recently, the philosophy of Arenas has caught the eye of the Apex Games commissioner Kuben Blisk, who has openly supported the competition and enlisted his former colleague, the simulacrum Ash, to assist in its expansion.

Some pop up overnight, some in preparation for weeks, but the only way to find them is to know someone connected. Arenas are only for the worthy. Hunger levels rising. Never anything to eat in this mold-fest. Could possibly eat the mold. Also odd that she stopped by the bar for — zooming — whisky?! Guess she wants her job less than me. This shift just got interesting. Screw management.

Good luck, Angelic Maintenance Worker, whoever the hell you were. Kampai - Rampart She sits at a grimy bar, sipping a grimy pint, as bottles, fists, and teeth fly. The woman considers. She throws it back in one. You spun an impressive web of insults, blame, and confusion to the biggest idiots in here… then sat back and watched as the house of cards came tumbling down. Quite a party. And yet, you still look grounded. Got a brand new ex. This girl… she got a name? Call Your Next Witness Checked out the Icarus Fleet file.

PA: This was back in October of ? W: Sure. PA: And what is the Icarus Fleet? W: Buncha scavengers flew to what used to be Typhon, to sift through wreckage and grab anything of value. Ships never returned. They were lost in space. PA: So why would the defendant hunt them two decades later? And we are. This just speeds up that process. Six months later, guess what shows up and docks? DA: Objection! Witnesses cannot address my client! W: My best friend died because of you! I mean, I thought about it. Thought about just leaving him on that moon off Typhon. He made his choices, and that was where they got him. But even then, angry as I was. So I brought him back with the Northstar.

He was still on ice from floating in space—morbid, right? We had him cremated. That was all I did, really. Had other things on my mind—making plans, getting money for the trip to the Outlands. Mom took care of it. Not that I knew—not until we got to Gaea. We were unpacking her house. It got windy, and she stopped everything—grabbed the urn and marched out into the field and scattered his ashes on the breeze. She said she left some in Angelia, right near the barn where he kept the Northstar. Then she brought the rest here, so he could be with his family. Keep an eye on us, dad. You always did like a sky-high view. My Hero My dad used to tell them to me. He was drawn to the history of the Syndicate, which was personal to him because he grew up as a fan of the greatest Legend of all time: Kuben Blisk.

One of the very few residents of the Frontier who was born on Earth in the Core Systems, Blisk began his career as a fighter at a young age in the old Thunderdome games right here in the Outlands. However, the politics and corruption of war pushed the infamous fighter into the life of a mercenary, where he could control his own fight and answer to no one but himself. My dad always related to that sense of independence. Of course, it makes sense after how his boyfriend ruined his life and then my mom. Trust was hard for him, but he powered through and raised me. A Mercenary Wife - Valkyrie I kept my mom in the dark about a lot of things. I guess. Even when it was time to go, I just said we were moving somewhere better—and hey, that part was true.

Angel City was a ghost town. Nice job, Kairi. Real good kid you turned out to be. Then I found Kuben Blisk. I made the right choice. Knowing I could have—that was enough. The next day, she made me tea, we sat down in her new living room, and I told her—everything. I could barely look at her. Honestly, I kinda expected her to disown me. Should have brought back at least an eye or something. Maybe she always was. Pour One Out - Fuse The following is transcribed from a crumpled piece of paper discovered next to a burned-out campfire and a dozen empty beverages on Kings Canyon. And then whadya go do?!

You cark it. You die on me. I just had you. When I nearly drowned off the coast of Matakana, who pulled me out? You said it best, mate: Ka kite ano. And I think my luck is about to change. The kind of man anyone would be proud to call family. Did I tell you Lynnie and I are back in touch? She never could resist this charm. Guess they made him a statue? Even the damn MRVNs are getting their shine! What do I gotta do, huh? When is my day? Anyway, most places are closed, she said. Something about a burst pipe?

Giant weeds, or… who knows? That woman and her imagination. I always said, she could jumpstart a Trident with only a paperclip and a pipe dream! And she deserved better than a schmuck like me. Lots of meetings. Maybe the big one! You never know! My son would finally appreciate my sacrifices, and welcome me back with open arms. A legend. Moths are ubiquitous on Boreas, thanks to our robust textile industry. Does Seer sleep? TO: Y. Gerber, Outlands Journal You said I was freaking out. You said you needed evidence. Well, I got you your evidence. Attached is the first-look data coming out of the Climatizer and Lava Siphon. Take a hard look. Take an easy look. Hell, smell them. All of it will tell you what a headless prowler could figure out: the Climatizer and Lava Siphon do nothing!

The Climatizer cools the air, the Lava Siphon heats it back up. All is well! Not again. And again. And you. A Witty Bunch Oh, and you know the funniest thing? One of the boys. Though I can tell he enjoys the company—much as they picked on him, I know he misses his brothers. A mother always knows. He spends all his time checking in on me. But he needs something of his own. His own life and family, that he can go back to. Ah, yes, the boys. Oh, and their father. You would not believe what he tried to pull the other day. Disciplinary Action Dear Mr. Okereke, Thank you for your letter.

To hear that he was distracting the other children, impacting their ability to learn and achieve! That his science fair project was found to be in poor condition, and one of his micro-drones led a child to run head-first into a wall! If you expected us to say sorry, that we would tell Obi to be less sensitive, less beautiful, or less courageous, you will be sorely disappointed. Okereke, and your whole class, are a pack of fools, and fools cannot suffer the truly great without shame, embarrassment, and fear--none of which will stifle my son any further. Sincerely, Mrs. Don't take two eyes to see your planet bein in a bad way is hittin you hard. Yer boots are cool as, by the by. Or a flesh and blood one. Your mate, Fusey.

Looks like my arm got blown off while writin this! Who knew! Already, we are seeing regular meteor showers on Boreas' surface and atmosphere, disturbing changes in our tides, rising temperatures at our poles and plummeting temperatures at our equator. A failure to act on the findings below will lead to an unlivable planet in years. Our leaders must make it clear that we can no longer rely on blind faith that things will work out--immediate action is our only option. The thing that keeps stabbing into the back of my mind like an ice pick, late at night while the skinbags are snuggled up in their beds?

Life was good when I thought I was human. I got up, did my job, had a nightcap, went to sleep. Tick tock. But I do now, and I want off this ride. Hammond was busted up when their peons got smeared across the walls by the big, bad murderbot. And Loba? Goes without saying. But who built the murderbot? And Loba—we had a plan. She was gonna kill the last living part of me. She had it in her thieving little hands.

But she went and ruined everything, all to keep me alive. So, why? Hate me? Did ya see the match? So proud, your fool of a father bought all your merchandise. RP: [laughs] Bloody hell! What a cheek! MP: Ramya. Can you get me an autograph from Seer? From someone named Francis? SP: No, Ramya. No calls like that. I thought you were done with those sisters people. Papa and I can deal with low-rent crooks.

RP: I know, mum, I kno-- End of transcript. I am found! So I just have these pages. I am bursting. I saw something tonight. I saw a place where I can be me—more than me. It was in the old Okonkwo warehouse, deep below. First, let us get this out of the way But the theatrics, the outfits, the personas These people embellish who they are, yet express some deeper truth about themselves. Tonight, I came home with bruises and scrapes, but that is not unordinary. What is unusual is tonight I felt like I belong. I have never known that feeling. I must follow it Voidwalker The following is a partially transcribed report discovered during construction of the Kings Canyon Apex Games 3.

Eight Days In The Dust Bowl met Eight Days In The Dust Bowl at American Society Competitive reception following a Buckeye win over Iowa inNixon recalled, "I wanted to talk about football. Island Press. On Eight Days In The Dust Bowl 11,a very strong dust storm stripped topsoil from desiccated South Dakota farmlands in one of a series of severe dust storms Eight Days In The Dust Bowl year. That was all I did, really.