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For example, an incarcerated individual who has had no disciplinary violations or sanctions while incarcerated, who has been willing and cooperative to participate in their individual required program plan for classes and completed their requirements. I work in a prison and I see so many who have followed the rules and completed programs they were required to do and get denied year after year for parole. I have also seen on many occasions as well an incarcerated individual who has done nothing to complete their programming and have had many "write ups" or disciplinary violations with significant sanctions imposed as a result make parole and walk out.

I do not believe a panel of parole board officials who are having a bad day should just on a "whim" determine if someone should be eligible to go or have to stay longer. I also do not feel that the parole board always has the correct information about an incarcerated individual because it is not always relayed to the board for their review prior to the hearing. I know the parole board has access to the disciplinary violations and sanctions should they choose to review that but what about all the undocumented "good" things that these individuals have done while incarcerated such as mentoring another person to do better while incarcerated and improve their life as well. What about the individual who has also went above and beyond their requirements to improve themselves but aren't acknowledged for it through the parole board process because it has never been documented and the parole board doesn't know it?

Also, what about the sentences that are being imposed as well that are unfair? I have followed several Virginia cases where murder was involved and the individual was eligible for parole in a very short time but others who were sentenced on other matters that got a life sentence. The sentences that are being imposed are not always reflective of the crime involved and then to have the parole board deny an individual for the possibility of parole is unjust. For those who were never eligible for parole is extremely unjust and needs to be resolved. My statements above are of my opinion and my opinion only and are not the opinion of anyone else or reflective from anyone else nor the prison system in which I am employed. My opinion comes from the fact that I see what happens daily inside a restricted environment and have saw positive changes in individuals in their lives but have also saw the opposite as well but again the parole board I feel most of the time only sees the negatives.

I believe that anyone deserves a second chance if it is earned by completing required programming and remaining disciplinary free while incarcerated and have worked towards their rehabilitation. I am also of the opinion and believe in geriatric parole for many reasons but also for the simple reason that most governments complain about the cost of housing individuals and the likelihood for geriatric prisoners increase because of their medical costs if the individual incarcerated can get the medical care they truly need during their incarceration, however, if anyone who has had an incarcerated family member knows that their family is not getting the medical care they truly need when it takes months to get them to see an outside doctor for a new onset serious illness or required surgery in most prison systems.

Give the individual a geriatric parole or regular parole if they are eligible so that they can receive the medical care they need when they need it. Which brings me to my next point, any incarcerated individual does not get the appropriate and proper nutrition they need as well, therefore, with the lack of proper nutrition and lack of proper on time health care what are we as citizens paying taxes for that goes into the correctional system? In summary, we as individuals are willing to give anyone on the streets a second chance - incarcerated individuals deserve a second chance if they have proven themselves while incarcerated. I do believe parole should be implemented,for the one's who have served a 15years or more and have improved in every aspect of their journey.

Everyone makes mistakes and you just have to give them a chance. Also as a taxpayer I would rather pay for the school system to have all their needs met than paying for them to keep a prisons going like it's a priority. Our children our priority and they have to attend the schools who doesn't have all the employees they need such as teachers,security guards,classroom assist, and more. Not only do they need more programs for bullying and for those kids who need help with schoolwork,when their parents cant afford a tutor.

It might not seem like it necessary but it is. If we dont educate then we will have more kids that turn into adult that get incarcerated. This bill reinstating parole is extreme and a mistake. It would allow even people who commit many types of willful, deliberate, and premeditated murders to seek release after a mere 15 years Class 2 offenders. That includes some unusually brutal murderers, who are likely to remain dangerous even after 15 years. While many criminals may "age out" of crime, unusually brutal ones are likely to remain dangerous for far more than 15 years. Even Class 1 offenders, like a murderer who abducts a woman to rape and torture her to death, or a serial killer, would eventually be eligible for parole under this bill despite receiving a life sentence.

Releasing such inmates -- even those that genuinely have reformed -- will increase the murder rate by reducing the penalty for committing murder. Longer sentences deter and prevent crime more effectively than short ones. See, e. Murderers can go on to commit murder again after being released, even after being imprisoned for many years. I strongly believe parole should be implemented for those who have served 10 years or more if death or rape wasn't involved. Everyone deserves a second chance when they have proven a change of life. Some people life challenges and difficulties took over and the best decision wasn't made,they just wanted to survive.

Also they have proven they learned a lesson and you know who needs to stay put. As a taxpayer I would like to see our contributions go to mental behavior programs, school systems, second chance programs and trade centers to help our community. Being incarcerated is not the only answer. Please pass the bill to bring parole back. It will save more families.

I think they should Allowed parole to them they been in jail since in now it is about to be Some people I think Learn from they Mistakes. There is people Reaping little kids out here in they get a slap on the Wrist in I think they should get life in jail just like Murderers. Please bring parole back. My husband been up locked up since ,he has educated himself,taken classes,graduated.. He gphas kepted his record clear,,he is about to start a welding course in December. He has better himself in more ways then Thank you Sarah Think about this What reason do you have to make any changes? No matter what you do in prison, you'll be there for 20 yrs. So where is the incentive to make better life choices? Where is the incentive to grow, continue education, work in prison jobs or participate in the various programs many prisons offer?

There isn't one. So we sentence people to decades without reason to better themselves and then once the sentence is up, they are released, worse off than before they were incarcerated. Parole is a goal. It's a reason to be a better person. Without that goal, we are creating a revolving door system and frankly, a more dangerous situation. Parole should be reinstated in Virginia so that prisoners can honestly be rehabilitated and given the chance to live a productive life in society. True, some people have committed horrible crimes, but the parole board is aware of this. That is why alot of offenders who go before the parole board are not released.

Bringing back parole does not mean all the criminals are immediately let go. Parole alllows highly educated and capable individuals to examine and evaluate an offender to see if they have been rehabilitated. Charles Manson went up for parole for year after year, yet he was never released. Parole will give offenders a goal to work towards, a chance to become the better person they can be, while also allowing the state to better utilize taxpayer money by releasing those offenders deemed ready to rejoin society. It's time for VA to move to the forefront of our countries moral evolution. I believe everyone should get another chance people need to see that they have Hope and Faith out here I know they did the crime but they shouldn't have to spend the rest of their life in the system they should be able to come out and try to do their best again they need to have programs to help them and support them parole is a must needed things some people are doing time for crimes they didn't even do families and kids should be able to reunite with their loved ones again keeping them in the system is not going to make it better for the up raising boys that think it's okay to do whatever and stay in trouble they need their fathers and these girls need their mothers please bring parole back they're not just hurting we hurting too.

Passing SB91 is important to every resident of VA. Reinstating parole would help greatly to motivate and encourage good behavior, giving inmates who have learned from their mistakes an opportunity to more quickly re-enter society and be productive, engaged citizens. Everyone deserves a second chance. Please consider this bill to reinstate parole in Virginia now! The sentencing can be extremely harsh for the crimes committed.

I have a grandson incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. He has done 13 yrs going on 14 years on a 28 year sentence. Have a great institutional record. Had never been in trouble with the law enforcement until this incident, have a great school record was class president on his way to college at Virginia State University. His name is Marquise Edwards inmate a good candidate for parole. I agree, bring let our love ones come home, I believe in second chances, and maturity changes your outlook on life.

Keep truth in sentencing, don't bring back parole. Virginia has a much lower than average crime rate because it is tough on crime and has largely abolished parole. According to some measures, it is the second safest state in the country. And longer sentences due to the abolition of parole worked: crime went down, to the point where Virginia's prison population eventually started falling, because fewer people were committing murder and rape and getting sent to jail in the first place. This bill is unfair. It would allow people who got shorter sentences because parole didn't exist to get parole! Courts sometimes choose somewhat shorter sentences for criminals because they know parole doesn't exist, and right now, parole doesn't exist in Virginia except for geriatric release and good-behavior credits.

But this bill would retroactively apply it to people in prison, resulting in their incarceration being excessively short. A violent criminal definitely shouldn't get both reductions -- the reduction in sentence combined with a further reduction in incarceration. Bringing back parole would give individuals a second chance. You cannot prove that you have changed if you don't have a chance to do so. Bringing back parole would be a glimmer of hope for many families and a reward for those who work hard to earn it while incarcerated. People do change. Prison is like just about anything else, you get out of it what you put into it and if you stay on the right path while inside those prison walls then you should be given a chance to prove yourself in society.

All humans make mistakes. Yes, some are worse than others but we learn from our mistakes and grow. Some inmates are long overdue a chance at parole and have paid their dues ten times over and deserve a fair shot at getting out and showing the world the transformations they have made to improve themselves. Bring back parole! Today, 6. Half of Americans have family members who have been incarcerated. African Americans are 50 percent more likely than white people to have a family member who is formerly or currently incarcerated, and three times more likely to have a family member who has spent at least 10 years in prison. The Land of the Free, America, has the highest incarceration rate in the world. The United States represents about 4. Virginia is 37th in the nation for incarceration--only 13 other states incarcerate more of it's citizens.

Virginia's prisons house 38, souls with the cost to the taxpayers of Virginia of approx. Due to the repeal of parole, the inmate population is an aging one creating higher and higher medical costs. Incarceration rates in cities, due to rehabilitation programs, is going down. While the incarceration rates in rural areas is rising due to the lack of funding for these same types of programs. Our tax dollars can be better spent! Restoration of parole will not automatically release prisoners, it will just make them eligible due to time served.

They will have to earn the release through good behavior and self improvement. Now many have no incentive for self improvement or good behavior. Criminal Justice reform is a bipartisan issue backed by our Republican President Trump. President Trump backed and signed into law last year the Federal criminal justice reform law, First Step. When a loved one goes to prison it is said that the whole family is in prison--parents, siblings, spouses, and children, especially children, suffer as well. Please restore parole in Virginia. This will motivate inmates to earn parole through exhibiting positive behavior.

Please give these people who are making positive changes in their lives a second chance. This would enable them to return to their families and to society as productive citizens. I think bringing back parole is great idea. Everyone should be given a second chance. Some sentences are harsh and very inappropiately given. There are some incarcerated and were young and have changed alot bettered their education and theirselves. I stand behind parole a million percent. I am requesting the restoration of Parole for all!

Many sentences do not fit the crimes committed. Excessive sentences are more often rendered than not. Judges are abusing there powers going outside the guidelines. I do not condone his poor however if the business owner had not been selling the illegal spice my son and the others wouldnt have gone there. Th Please give second chances to those who are deserving.

There will many that will never be granted parole. I understand and accept that and I would hope that all the Citizens of VA would as well. The parole board has to ensure that the communities safety is a priorities. VaDOC advises that they offer programs and promote rehabilitation. This is far from the truth. Offenders that are set to be released are to go through re-entry atleast 18monthd prior. I know for a fact these programs are not being done at several facilities 2 facilities that hold long timers. I am sure that all these who are opposed to SB91 do not have anyone incarcerated. I pray that each of them never have to experience e the pain or trust that a group of elected men and woman will finally vote to give our loved ones a second chance to right their wrongs.

To start over, in my sons case to get his driver's license for the first time, to finish his 1 semester of college My brother has been on prison for 25 years and the prison system is a joke.. They charged brother with a tool the guards made and they was using it for 6 months then my brother got into over a new tv we had sent him and they would not let him keep cause his old one started working and they wanted us to pick up a 13in tv and be stuck with it. My brother told the guard to send it back so his family could get the money back.. Finally when he said they gonna kill me they opened the doors to help him This bill would be a disaster.

Abolishing parole in Virginia was a huge success. Crime fell enormously after it was abolished, as murderers and other violent criminals realized they would actually have to do serious time, rather than murderers getting out after a relative short time in prison. Although the prison population initially surged as a result of the abolition of parole, eventually, it began falling, as the crime rate fell due to longer times in prison deterring crime more effectively.

The net result is that today, Virginia has one of the country's lowest crime rates. And despite murderers and rapists spending somewhat longer in prison in Virginia than most states, Virginia does not have a particularly big prison population. It has a smaller prison population than some other states with similar or even smaller populations. Northern Virginia has a much lower crime rate than Maryland's DC suburbs precisely because Virginia law is tougher on crime than Maryland. Fairfax County is demographically similar to Montgomery County, but has a much lower crime rate, because in most of the last generation, it was tougher on crime.

Back in the s, when both Fairfax and Montgomery were equally soft on crime, they both had similar crime rates. Then, Fairfax prosecutors became tougher than in Montgomery. And later, Virginia state law changed to get tougher on crime. Abolishing parole was a big success in reducing crime and discouraging people from doing terrible things that will get them in prison in the first place. Deterring crime not only prevents people from being murdered or raped, it also keeps perpetrators from doing things that result in them being locked up. Where does your legislator stand on criminal justice reform? Read the article. Parole should be brought back in Virginia. To many harsh sentences has been given.

Some people don't know what it's like to have loved ones rotting away in prisons. And I'm sure if they have loved ones in prison they would be all for parole. I have 3 sons who were sentenced to 30 years for defending themselves against a mob of drunken college students who attached them. They have served 18 years. Enough is Enough One of my sons who never even threw a punch, and is now legally blind. The judicial system where we live is a joke. Bring our loved ones back home to us where they belong. If people have changed please let them live a promising life. We must remember that safety for our community is the number concern to release an offender. Incarceration does not always bring about reformation of the mind. Some winner of a human being got released based on parole and then went out and shot 6 women - think one died.

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