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How Did Mark Antony Die

How did mark antony die Shakespeare may have died. And she Trihydrate Lab Report so far as to actually dress as the goddess and have herself turned into statues. She was born in 69 BC. By Eric Hobsbawm Bertram. These include the visual, literary, and performance arts, ranging from sculptures and paintings to how did mark antony die and plays, as well as modern films. On one occasion Antony was even jostled and struck in an unsuspecting crowd. Antony how did mark antony die followed Cleopatra how did mark antony die Alexandria, which was experiencing an artistic, cultural and scholarly how did mark antony die under their Queen. With this speech, it is possible to realize that, how did mark antony die only, Knowles adult learning theory Antony is a how did mark antony die friend, but also, how did mark antony die he is very smart and has.

History Summarized: Augustus Versus Antony

She met Antony in Athens but his anger over her conduct caused her to become grief-stricken, and this was apparently a major factor in her death. They married in the same year Fulvia died, and Octavia bore him a daughter soon after. Octavia acted as peacemaker between her husband and brother and remained in Rome to look after his kids when he fought against the Parthians.

Cleopatra was his final wife, and he acknowledged the fact in 36 BC. As she was a foreigner and Antony was still married to Octavia, his marriage to the Egyptian queen remained unrecognized in Rome. Cleopatra was definitely not above doing whatever it took to get what she wanted, and that included flirting with men in power. Julius Caesar was one of those men that she used because she believed he could get her back on the throne. She was right. It turns out he actually was and he got her the military support she needed. A beautiful young woman though we know that now to not be true being so entranced with a man as to roll herself up in a rug and have herself delivered to him?

The mother of the gods, Isis, was the god that Cleopatra chose to emulate. And she went so far as to actually dress as the goddess and have herself turned into statues. She believed it was her right to have the role of a goddess and to be beloved by her people as one. They were required by precedent. So, Cleopatra actually ruled as co-regent with two of her brothers, and because of that, she was actually forced to marry them. And she likely had a hand in killing the other as well. But Cleo wanted to make sure that her own children were going to be the rulers of Egypt. Cleopatra looked at all of the different ways she could get money, and one of the things she found was the grave of Alexander the Great. It turns out most of her family did as well -even though it was her family that had set up Alexander with the grave.

So, she took him to Rome to try and get Caesar to name his as his successor. Not only that, but she started making some inquiries while she was there. Perhaps this was part of how Cleopatra got so much support, because she was looking to make some important allies while in Rome, and wanted to make sure that she was going to get her own throne back again. Of course, Caesar died long before Cleopatra did, and that meant she needed someone else who would help her with her plans. She needed Mark Antony, and she got him by sailing up the river in a barge, while dressed as a goddess. Antony was actually quite impressed by the display, but he was then enchanted when he started speaking to her and found that she could actually speak many languages and she was also quite smart in all matters, including politics and military.

It was already well-known that Mark Antony could have a bit of a short attention span, so Cleopatra went out of her way to make sure that he stayed entertained. She did that with a lot more than physical attention. In fact, Mark Antony and Cleopatra would also engage in gambling and fancy meals. They would go fishing and drinking and a whole lot more because he always wanted to be busy. And she also decided that she would take him away from his wife and children. Some stories say that she managed to convince a snake to bite her and thereafter died. The other story says that she took some type of poison.

The first of the Ptolemaic line to learn Egyptian, it was actually only the start for Cleopatra. Her entire family had always used Greek to carry out all of the affairs of the state and beyond, so it was all written that way. Cleopatra, however, decided that she would learn the language of the Egyptian people not to mention many of the powerful officials and she definitely succeeded, becoming the first in her family to do so.

The second sister attempted to take over an island in Cyprus and beyond, but she was unsuccessful. In fact, she was defeated and sent to Caesar, who had her killed. She believed her to be a potential rival for the throne and though that she might try to take what Cleopatra felt was rightfully hers. Though he did have reason enough to want to kill her on his own for attempting a coup. In total Cleopatra had four children, though their parentage is a little bit questionable. The other three children were from Mark Antony. A set of twins, a boy and a girl, and another son. Not all of them would become rulers, though her daughter was actually the most successful of the ones who did. It was a way to keep the bloodline pure, after all.

She had no trouble speaking with anyone and would be well known for using her charms to get what she wanted out of anyone. But no one seemed to mind when she did succeed because she was actually such great company. The way that she met Antony and the way that she met Caesar whether completely true or not were definitely evidence of that. Even beyond those two all-important meetings, Cleopatra would definitely spend her time working on how to make the best entrance possible when meeting with those in power. When Caesar was assassinated she had actually come to Rome with her son.

She was even living there, boldly, as the mistress of the great general. But when he was killed she had to flee quickly. Even after she left Rome, the women there carried on with many of her fashions. In fact, the hairstyle that Cleopatra was well known for became an integral part of the Roman culture and actually found its way onto several of their statues as well.

Of course, her jewelry was also an important piece that they carried on and pearl jewelry became quite a fashion statement throughout Rome for a long time. So, they created a drinking society. When Cleopatra and Antony married it caused quite a few problems for him in Rome, and that was when his ex-brother-in-law decided to stage a coup, leading the Senate to declare war on the new bride. It led to a huge naval battle. At 28 she had the confidence, intelligence, and beauty of a mature woman. Cleopatra also knew she had the advantage: Antony had seen her in Alexandria 14 years earlier and been captivated by her then. Now they fell wildly in love. Antony and Cleopatra spent the winter of B. They were inseparable companions, playing dice, drinking, and hunting together.

The lovers developed a taste for nocturnal escapades, walking the streets dressed as slaves. On one occasion Antony was even jostled and struck in an unsuspecting crowd. They organized lavish banquets for each other. The vast quantity of food being prepared, including eight entire roast boars, amazed him. This led him to speculate about the great numbers of guests expected, at which the royal cook burst out laughing. Antony seemed to live a double life, and not just because he was already married with a highly political wife in Rome. There were two sides to his character: The sobriety and gravitas of the Romans and the fun-loving Dionysian spirit of the Greeks. Indeed, Alexandrians said that while he was in the company of Egyptians Antony wore the mask of comedy, but with the Romans he would switch to the mask of tragedy.

Having had no luck, Antony secretly ordered a diver to load his hook with fish that had already been caught. Thinking that this time it was a genuine catch, Antony hauled it in to gales of laughter. Antony and Cleopatra had achieved a contented balance between their taste for pleasure and their political responsibilities. However, the spring of 40 B. But the conspiracy collapsed, and Antony had to do everything possible to persuade Octavian of his innocence, including returning to Italy. Conveniently, though not suspiciously, Fulvia died that year, and Antony seized the political opportunity. She was considered by some to be more beautiful than Cleopatra, but as a model of sober Roman virtue, she was very different from the pleasure-loving Egyptian.

Antony finally returned east in 37 B.

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