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Lastly, his occupation deals with mining, which is consistent with the census entry. There are years missing in the City Directory entries above. Where was L. He may have been out on assignments or traveling when the City Directory enumerators came around. The Google Search data noted above indicates he was all over the West in the to time period. Seaver, a native of Massachusetts, aged 47 years, 11 months, and 25 days. And we now have a birthplace, a death date and an age at death. Age 47 years, 11 months, 25 days translates to a birth date of 16 November Seavers son of Austin, Nevada " as one of the heirs.

Seaver, Loring B. One day off, which could be a math error. Rice, And I still don't know Loren's middle name. But all of this data is very consistent, and there is no conflicting information. My conclusion is that Loren B. To find useful information, I just had to look in the right places. In this case, the San Francisco City Directories and newspaper entries provide enough clues to identify L. Seaver as Loren Seaver who resided at the same place as "E. Seaver" did in the census. And the information in those entries provided enough information to tie Loren B. Having Abigial Seaver's probate record and the Westminster book data firmed up the conclusion nicely.

Why am I so interested in this man, Loren B. Simply because he was a Seaver, but he was also a step-brother to my second great-grandfather, Isaac Seaver , whose parents were Benjamin and Abigail Gates Seaver. Yep - the same Abigail Gates Seaver who married Isaac Seaver in , the brother of her first husband Benjamin Seaver Note that all of this research was done in online resources.

Research in San Francisco repositories may reveal much more information. Isn't it amazing just how much information can be found online now? My thanks to Marilyn for allowing me to post some of her family history information in this blog series. Her information was vital to solving the problem. What lessons have you learned from following my research in this case study? How can you apply those lessons learned to your own research? Follow Friday - The Slovak Yankee. For Follow Friday, I've been trying to highlight genealogy-oriented blogs that inform me about research topics, the genealogy industry and help my own research. This week, I want to put the spotlight on Martin Hollick who writes The Slovak Yankee blog - the byline says "a blog by a lifelong genealogist.

He posts about his New England and Slovak ancestors - hence his blog name - and he posts about some of my ancestors, too! I appreciate Martin's experience in and objective and sometimes contrarian views on genealogy and family history research. Labels: Follow Friday , genealogy blogs. Thursday, January 7, Navigating the Ancestry. I've always felt like a ship waiting to go through the locks on a canal when I've wanted to "go back" to a former screen, or to another database, on Ancestry. I really hate using the "Back" button and waiting for the next page to load, and it's even worse when there are four "Back" button clicks. I wrote about relieving some of my "Ancestry Frustration Level" in my post about using Michael John Neill's quick links here.

That works fine if you want to go from one database to another -for example, from the census to the census. I think I've finally figured out my "best practice" to navigate within a census Results list, or to quickly go to a database for another census year. Perhaps this is old hat to many of my readers, but if it helps someone else relieve their "Ancestry. My "best practice" way stays within the Ancestry. The "key" to this way is to customize your Ancestry. Note that in all of these examples, I'm using the "Old Search" screens, which is still my user preference, and Internet Explorer 7 for this demo, so your experience may vary. Clicking on the orange "Search" button at the bottom of the Search Field and I wish there was one on the top of the Search field If I wanted to "Go Back" to do another search in this census, I can use my "Back" button once left arrow on my URL line, or I can scroll or use the "End" key to go to the Search fields at the bottom of this screen; I prefer the latter because it is one less page load!

If I wanted to "Go Back" to work in another census, I can click my "Back" button two times to get to the "Home" Page, or click once on the "Home" tab on the Ancestry menu line. I prefer the latter! Note that if you click on the "Search" tab on the Ancestry menu line, you cannot easily change to another database. If I choose one of the matches on the Search Results list above, I can click on the "View Record" link beside the name and see the Ancestry Record for the selected person. I scrolled down the list and selected Barbara C. Leaver, hit "View Record" and the Ancestry Record appeared: Again, if I want to "Go Back" to the "Search Results" list, I can click the "Back" arrow once to select another person from the list or scroll to the bottom of that page to change the Search parameters; if I want to "Go Back" to work in another census, I can click my "Back" button three times or click once on the "Home" tab on the Ancestry menu line but not the "Search" button on the Ancestry menu line.

If I want to see the actual Census record for my selected person, then I can click on the "View image" link on the screen above. Here is the census screen for the family with Barbara C. Leaver: Note that there is now no "Home" or "Search" tab on the Ancestry menu. If I wanted to "Go Back" to work in another census, I can click my "Back" button four times or click once on the "Ancestry. If I want to do another search within this census, I have to click my "Back" button two times to get to the "Search Results" page and enter new information into the search fields, or click "Back" three times to get to the Search field screen.

There is a slightly faster way you still need two clicks, but you avoid one or more page loads , and that is to go to the little down-arrow next to the "Forward" button on your URL line and click on it. Here is what I see note the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the screen : I can then select any previous web page in the list - if I want to modify my search, I can pick the one two pages down the list, or three pages down the list to get to the starting Search fields. If I want to go to the Home page, I can pick the one four pages down the list as highlighted in the screen above. That's only two clicks and one page load, so it saves some time.

Frankly, doing these things make me feel more efficient when I navigate the Ancestry. Some of these tips work on other websites and databases, but the details will be somewhat different. What little navigation tricks or tips do you have for navigating Ancestry. This old dog is always willing to learn new tricks! Who Is Mr. I sent the census and City Directory information to Marilyn, and she responded with more family information: "To tell you how the Seaver name came into being with Frank.

Louise Mary Louise, but she always went by Louise or Louisa, you know how names were married a man named Alfred McQueen about and had Frank about a year later. They had a very bitter divorce. She first moved into a rooming house and then moved in with her mother and step-father who was the Seaver who we are trying to trace. Little Frank was a toddler and became known as the 'little boy in the Seaver house. I found him on the census back living with his parents. So on the census Louise was a McQueen and so was Frank. Then of course there is no census and it really messes things up doesn't it? Like you I couldn't find Euphemia as either a Marshall or a Seaver on the census.

I don't know why. I never knew her to live anywhere but California. So the Seaver name with my cousins is a 'taken' name. Thank you, Marilyn. She found them in the census. Family information often provides more information than any census or directory record, especially about family stories and relationships -- if they are recounted and handed down accurately. Census - I found that the E. Everything in this census record matches what Marilyn told me, except for the name of Harry Siever. He should be Harry Marshall, right? Unfortunately, since they are lodgers in this census, there are no relationships given. The data also match the to census data I reported in Part 1, except for the surname of Frank McQueen, which was Seaver.

My opinion is that Harry was listed as a Siever because the enumerator asked E. But where is L. Completely missing from the census - at least I cannot find him! I did find "L. Seever" resided in Bullionville, Lincoln County, Nevada. The listing showed U. There is now more information about L. Seaver - born about in Massachusetts. That's helpful for other searches. Still don't find him in ! Had he died by then? However, Euphemia is listed as "married" not "widow" in the census.

And what is L. Seaver's first and middle names? Stay tuned - he was hiding in plain sight, all I had to do was find the right information sources. Labels: genealogy resources , Online resources , Seaver Research. It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to open the musty old trunk and see what priceless memorabilia is hiding down below, or within, the bigger items. I've scanned some of the pages and then cropped some of the items. Here is an interesting calling card from the 's: D. John Guild is one of my immigrant ancestors, and this article provides excellent biographical information on him and one line of his descendants not my specific line, unfortunately!

If you have New England ancestry, be sure to browse through this collection. Who is Mr. Everyone loves a good family history mystery, and occasionally I get a question via email asking for help with a Seaver mystery. Here is part of an email from Marilyn that I received several months ago: "Sir, seeing the Seaver name on the computer interests us. One of our family married a Seaver in the s probably in the late s. The name isn't common and we haven't been able to trace him or where he came from. He married a widow Euphemia maiden name Kirk, born in Scotland and 1st married name Marshall, her first husband also from Scotland.

Her first husband was lost on a ship going around the horn. Her daughter came to live with them when she was divorced and brought her little son to live with them too. In time her son's name was changed to Seaver so that branch has been Seavers since then, but no one knows who the man's name is that it came from. Obviously he helped raise the child.

Do you have any idea how we could trace this unknown Seaver in our family? I looked in my database, and did not see a Euphemia married to a Seaver , so I probably don't have information about her, or her marriage, in my database. Marilyn had provided some names, but few dates or places. The name "Euphemia" really stood out for me. Seaver - mother-in-law, female, white, age 77, widow, born Scotland, parents born Scotland. This is probably the Euphemia I'm looking for, and there is her daughter Louise married to an Atchison. Atchison - head of household, male, white, age 47, first marriage, married for 19 years, born Illinois, father born Scotland, mother born Ireland.

Seaver - mother-in-law, female, white, age 67, widowed, 4 children born, 1 child living, born Scotland, parents born Scotland, immigrated in More clues here - including the number of children, and how long Louise has been married to Mr. Atchison - they married in about Going back ten more years: 3 In the U. Atchison - head of household, white, male, born Jun , age 39, married, for 10 years, born Illinois, father born PA, mother born?? There is Frank L. Seaver , listed as a step-son of James Atchison - if that is correct, then Frank is the son of Louise, not of Euphemia. Birth months and years for all of them too, which can be useful in later searches. And the Atchisons married in about , which corroborates the approximate date.

So now I'm stuck - where was Euphemia? Was she married by ? Is she listed with a first name that I cannot find? Is she living with her daughter and grandson? Do they have a surname other than Seaver or Marshall? Seaver , machinist, Fulton Engineering, resident East 6 th St. Aha - the first real clue! Euphemia Seaver was perhaps the widow of L. Finally, a clue to a first and middle name. My Seaver database had one person with initials L. Seaver , born in July in Vermont, but he had a wife Aranna and five children in the to census records, and resided in St.

So - that couldn't be the L. Of course, my database had many males with first names starting with L born around the time frame - was L. Seaver one of them? Now, this is a series, so please don't go running off to the census and other records to try to help me out here. There are a few more clues as to the identity of L. Seaver , and Marilyn has some interesting stories to tell - so stick around and enjoy the ride. Genea-Musings Statistics for - Post 2. I posted Genea-Musings Statistics for - Post 1 yesterday with charts and numbers for visits, page views and RSS subscribers of this blog.

What did all of those visitors and readers read online? Google Analytics keeps a record of the web pages that the visitors to the URL www. The 20 most "popular" blog pages, based on all page views, were: 1. World records for number of children posted 21 July - 5, views 3. John Tyler's Grandson is still alive! How rare is your personality type? Make Your Own Gravestone posted 29 July - 1, views 6. Electronic Genealogy Magazine Publication posted 22 April - 1, views 7.

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