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His qualifications as a king did not meet what the old testament had desired, a king who had to be of that nation and divinely chosen by the people and God. Therefore, what truly defines a hero is what he or she gives up in order to give someone else another chance to do right. An example of a hero today is the man from American Sniper, someone that did much for their country in order to maintain peace, just like the hero in Beowulf.

Like the American Sniper, Beowulf paid a price for defeating a tormenting foe. Beowulf gave away his life to give his men all the riches they ever needed in order to keep his country and people safe. He used his tact to sway delicate situations in his favor and flatter those who had him at their mercy. Using his resilience, he persevered on his journey until the very end, willing to suffer great cruelties simply to continue homeward. This resilience left him as the sole survivor of his crew after a series of tests put forth by the gods, and it allowed him to reunite with his family. Odysseus used his cunning to deceive enemies and friends alike, spinning an intricate web of lies and transforming himself at his will.

These are the qualities that make Odysseus an epic hero, and they are the reason that Odysseus was able to live to see his family even after he watched his friends die off one by one. His Napoleonic Code was able to get rid of the privileges of the Estates, instituted banking reform, and allowed freedom of religion. At the same time, he did have some negative contributions.

First, he forced himself to power, and suppressed all opposition against him. He also closed down all press he did not approve of, and used propaganda to glorify himself with his successes and blamed his failures on others. He wanted to believe that the colonist would eventually give in but that was never the case. King George III was a smart man but let his power hungry personality get in the way of his rational decision making. Killing England gives the readers insight on what was actually going on during the time of the American Revolution. Many people such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and many others paved this road for us today to live in this great nation.

Their hard work and sacrifice is something honorable to look at. Macbeth was considered a tragic hero because Macbeth had many people follow him he also had a down flaw that led to his death but went down heroically. Macbeth had a very high social rank before he murdered king Duncan to start with even though he was a general for king Duncan to begin with. Macbeth is said to be a very dynamic character. Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy Words 3 Pages. Captain Paulchaz was a career officer working palace security under General Budo. He knew the Empire was going downhill fast since the previous Emperor had died.

The struggle for succession had been brutal and costly. Initially, Paulchaz had supported the rightful, most qualified, heir. After losing that heir to an assassin, the young captain tied his fate to following General Budo. General Budo was a man of integrity who made it clear the Empire was his first concern and that he would faithfully serve the next Emperor to the best of his considerable ability. It came to pass that Emperor gained the Empire through the vicious machinations of Prime Minister Honest.

Honest 's murderous political maneuvering had resulted in the only men of integrity …show more content… Waking the Prime Minister in the middle of the night with urgent pleas that he must accompany an officer of the Palace Guard quickly and quietly to get him to safety was simple enough. The moment the twisted puppeteer opened the door, he was bathed in a beam of intense light and whisked away to the Phantom Zone. This showed Caesar as being a non-selfish and caring for the good of Rome man.

In this small phrase Brutus said he fears death without honor more than he fears death itself. Julius Caesar was said to be an amazing ruler who would do anything he could for his empire, he was said to be able to show honesty, confidence, and that he was full of hope. Before he was a ruler, he was just a man who had ideas. He indeed was very intelligent and creative but he was also selfish. Brutus in julius caesar was truly an honorable man in my opinion because, all he really wanted was the best for Rome;in other words Brutus is willing to do whatever it takes even if it means sacrificing others close to him to strengthen Rome.

Also Brutus has the least amount of blame for the murder; he felt the most guilt about caesar 's death because he is visited by his ghost. Most characters in the play don 't act honorable and they only want Caesars death to benefit themselves. Like Brutus, my Grandfather is honorable;he was an army. Aeneas was honest and followed through on his promise to found Rome, decisive when it came time to kill king Turnus and persistent in following the destiny he was called for, thus being effective in his leadership. Oedipus, however, was an ineffective leader compared to Churchill and Aeneas. He was honest to his people, but was rash in his decisions, and persistent in a negative way in front of his followers.

Churchill led his country to victory in World War II, and Aeneas founded one of the greatest civilizations in all history. Oedipus was exiled from Thebes, and lived out his life as an old blind man. Paulchaz did everything in his ability to ensure General Budo 's would be the most trusted and relied upon the reach pliable young emperor 's ear. Everything ran smoothly in the beginning. The part of him that was Captain Paulchaz rejoiced at the suffering and damage that he was able to spare the empire he had dedicated his life to serving.

The Jumper side of him felt quite smug about the ability to casually manipulate kingdoms and was scheming on how to quell or even incorporate elements the rebellion to secure a prosperous future well after he was. Overall the people preferred Jackson over Adams because Jackson was able to relate to the people better, and because he was a symbol of the American dream. The only schooling that Jackson received, was in a local elementary school and than later reading about law to become a lawyer.

On the other hand, John Quincy Adams was born into a wealthy family, and his father was John Adams, a founding father of America. His tragic flaw was attempting to faithfully continue serving the "true" Emperor Marcos Aurelius, not considering the possible consequences he might have to face in order to return Rome to a Republic for the people. Captain John H. Miller was the captain of the American Army. He, like Maximus, does not give up very easily. Even though his mission is to save one man and risk many of his men, he presents a full effort to complete this mission no matter how senseless he believed it was. Why was George Washington significance?

Respect was attained for this profession, Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy addition, I Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy that all situations are going to be different and there are Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy to be some good What is a good life and some bad Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy. He is an employee that I would try to keep as long as possible. He Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy always concerned Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy the welfare of the Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy, the laws of Rome, and the Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy that power should not be flaunted around. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy Upload file. He knew the Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy was going downhill fast since Homage To The Empress Of The Blues Analysis previous Emperor had died.