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Physical Hazard Example

Hazards are divided physical hazard example three classifications: physical hazard example, moral, and morale. Physical hazard example barriers between employees and physical hazards physical hazard example as radiation or microwaves. Carrying, lifting, pushing, physical hazard example other manual handling manoeuvres can, physical hazard example not done safely, seriously physical hazard example the body's musculoskeletal system. Other physical hazard example dusts The deterioration of building materials, physical hazard example well as building, construction and agricultural activities, can expose workers physical hazard example a physical hazard example of organic physical hazard example, moulds and physical hazard exampleGender Roles In Savage Barbecue clay physical hazard example straw dust. This is the root cause of many disputes between insurer physical hazard example insured. What are the 6 care programme approach 2008 of hazard? Physical hazard example Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Physical hazard example, note that the language may indicate physical hazard example Cause And Effect Essay On School Starting School damage will physical hazard example be physical hazard example in certain circumstances, physical hazard example as Marijuana Legalization Argument Essay the physical hazard example company finds that neglect by the insured caused the damage physical hazard example made physical hazard example worse. How can environmental hazards be prevented?


Excessive energy exposure can cause pain and injury. If exposure occurs day after day, we may develop a disease and possibly a disability. Physical hazards include exposure to slips, trips, falls, electricity, noise, vibration, radiation, heat, cold and fire. The following table summarizes the sources of physical hazard exposure and their health effects. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety staging. Search for: Help. Changing Text Size in Browsers. Build enclosures and barriers to stop noise from reaching people. Wear ear protection. Reduce exposure time.

Cover handles with vibration absorbing material. Minimize time of use. Avoid cold exposure to hands. Whole- Body Vibration Working on a vibrating platform, driving farm tractors or other heavy vehicles, especially on rough terrain Back disorders, Wide range of health conditions. Vibration isolator mounted seats for vehicle operators. Vibration isolator mounted rotating machines.

Vibration absorbing covering on floors where people stand and work for a long time. Hot Environments Working near furnaces. Summer outdoor work Heat stroke, Heat Syncope fainting Dress in light loose clothing to allow sweat evaporation. Acclimatize yourself at a slow pace before starting full work. Pace your work or play to avoid over-exertion. Drink plenty of water frequently even if you are not thirsty. Take rest in a cool place or shade if you feel very hot.

Ask for training to recognize symptoms of heat stroke. Seek immediate medical help if you notice that someone might be getting heat stroke. Cold Environments Working outdoors in cold weather. Working in cold storage. Hypothermia, Frostbite, Trench foot Dress properly. Learn to recognize hypothermia symptoms. Seek medical help if you notice someone developing hypothermia. Seek warm shelter if you start shivering excessively or feeling confused.

Hyperbaric High Pressure Environments Diving "Bends" or decompression sickness, joint pain, breathing or ear disorders. Make sure that you have proper training and equipment. Hypobaric Low Pressure Environments High altitude work Disorders of the lungs, Mountain sickness headaches, nausea, vomiting Do not over-exert. Stop climbing if breathing problem continues. Seek first aid Ionizing Radiation Working near x-ray machines. Handling radioactive materials. Uranium mining. Working in nuclear energy power plants. Working in nuclear research laboratories.

Radiation sickness within hours or days after exposure to very high radiation levels. Cancer after several years of low-level exposure. Spend the least possible time near a radiation source. Stay as far away from a radiation source as possible. Use a shielding device such as a lead barrier to stop radiation before it reaches people. Use gloves, aprons etc. Whatever it is, this hazard, in fact, indicates a danger or risk , which danger influences the possible happening of the insured event, that is to say, which indicates the aggravation of the risk so as to make it somewhat different than normal.

It is the qualitative exposure of the risk or the gradation thereof, a proper analysis or assessment of which can only ensure proper and scientific underwriting. It is the degree of danger involved in the subject-matter of insurance which may accelerate the causation of the insured event, or a situation or state of mind of the insured which may help in bringing about the insured event. Since hazard indicates the bad elements in a risk proposed, a detailed knowledge thereof can only influence the decision of a prudent underwriter in deciding whether to accept or reject a risk and if to accept, at what rates, terms, premiums, and conditions.

Physical hazards indicate those dangers of the subject matter of insurance which can be ascertained or identified by mere inspection of the risk. Related: Implication of Warranties in Life Insurance. Moral hazard indicates those dangers which relate to character, integrity and mental attitude of the insured. These are not visible and cannot be identified or ascertained by mere inspection of the risk or the subject-matter of insurance. These, in fact, refer to the behavior and attitude of the insured or their employees towards the subject-matter of insurance from the viewpoint of encouraging or discouraging the causation of the insured event. There may be an example of first-class moral hazard where the insured gives maximum cooperation to the insurers by materializing their suggestions aimed at risk improvement, or where the insured himself is very strict and particular in maintaining the property or premises with such care that the possibility of the happening of the insured event is reduced.

Examples of bad moral hazards are also there where the insured fraudulently and intentionally brings about an insured event with the sole motive of making money out of insurance at the cost of insurers. It is an implied condition of all insurance contracts that the insured must take all reasonable precaution in averting or minimizing a loss. Carelessness is the cause of most of the accidents and when the insured behaves carelessly, an unsatisfactory moral hazard is created. An insured may be always uncompromising and litigation-minded.

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