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The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis

Lesson Grammar Commas! In the mammal world. Treadwell at heart but The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis Narrative Essay About My Mentor Experience educated mind anyway, I would perhaps refrain from mailing this letter in search of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis the experienced Allegory Of The Cave Summary author name unknown as it's recipient but,dreadfully, falling in the red neck ignorant hands of the pilot man who said outloud in a The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis without much hesitation, that Treadwell got what he The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis. Utopian Society Response think about the fact that up The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis the end of the last Ice Age, most of the world was filled with even more ferocious and massive beasts than currently exist. I appreciate the author's patience in saving his opinions at the end and noted them as such. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis a concluding The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis for your biographical The Giver Foreshadowing Analysis. After all, he camped on established bear trails, or near intersecting bear The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis, and had contact with the same The Greenland Vikings Collapse every year and felt he knew each one Frankenstein: A Fictional Narrative.


He explains in his narration that his mother, Judy, died two years before. Then one day, the boy discovers the dead body of the neighbour's dog, Wellington, speared by a garden fork. Shears, the dog's owner, calls the police, and Christopher comes under suspicion. He is arrested, then released with a police caution. He decides to investigate the dog's death. Throughout his adventures, Christopher records his experiences in a book. During his investigation, Christopher meets the elderly Mrs.

Alexander, who informs Christopher that his mother had an affair with Mr. Ed discovers the book and confiscates it. While searching for the confiscated book, Christopher discovers letters from his mother dated after her supposed death. He is so shocked that he is unable to move. Ed realizes that Christopher has read the letters. He confesses that he had lied about Judy's death; he also admits that he had killed Wellington, after an argument with Mrs. Christopher decides to run away and live with his mother. After a long and event-filled journey, evading policemen and feeling ill from the trains and crowds around him, he finally finds his way to the home of his mother and Mr.

Judy is delighted that Christopher has come to her. Shears does not want Christopher living with them. Very soon after arriving, Christopher wants to return to Swindon in order to take his mathematics A-level. His mother leaves Mr. Shears, their relationship having broken down because of the rejection of Christopher by Mr. After an argument with Ed, she agrees to let him see Christopher for daily brief visits. Christopher remains terrified of his father and hopes Ed will be imprisoned for killing Wellington. The story ends with Ed getting Christopher a puppy and promising that he will rebuild trust with Christopher slowly.

Christopher asserts that he will take further exams and attend university. He completes his mathematics A-level with top grades. The book ends with Christopher optimistic about his future, having solved the mystery of the murdered dog, gone to London on his own, found his mother, written a book about his adventures, and achieved an A in exams. If he were diagnosed, he would be diagnosed as having Asperger's syndrome, which is a form of autism. I suppose you'd call it high-function autism, in that he can function on, you know, a day-to-day basis, in a kind of rudimentary way. But he has a serious difficulty with life in that he really doesn't empathize with other human beings.

He can't read their faces. He can't put himself in their shoes. And he can't understand anything more than the literal meaning of whatever's said to him, although I'm very careful in the book not to actually use the word 'Asperger's' or 'autism' Because I don't want him to be labelled, and because, as with most people who have a disability, I don't think it's necessarily the most important thing about him And as a good friend of mine said after reading the book, a friend who is himself a mathematician, it's not a novel about a boy who has Asperger's syndrome; it's a novel about a young mathematician who has some strange behavioural problems. And I think that's right. I have to say honestly that I did more research about the London Underground and the inside of Swindon Railway Station, where some of the novel takes place, than I did about Asperger's syndrome.

I gave him kind of 9 or 10 rules that he would live his life by, and then I didn't read any more about Asperger's because I think there is no typical person who has Asperger's syndrome, and they're as large and diverse a group of people as any other group in society. And the important thing is that I did a lot of imagining, that I did a lot of putting myself into his shoes in trying to make him come alive as a human being rather than getting him right, whatever that might mean. Haddon states on his website that, although he had read "a handful of newspaper and magazine articles about, or by, people with Asperger's and autism" in preparation for writing the book, he knows "very little" about Asperger's syndrome and that Christopher Boone is inspired by two different people.

According to Haddon, none of these people can be labelled as having a disability. Haddon added that he 'slightly regret[s]' that the term Asperger's syndrome appeared on the cover of his novel. In a critical essay on the novel, Vivienne Muller quotes some praise by experts on disability theory : "In its presentation of Christopher's everyday experiences of the society in which he lives, the narrative offers a rich canvas of experiences for an ethnographic study of this particular cognitive condition, and one which places a positive spin on the syndrome.

The reader in this instance acts as ethnographer, invited to see what Mark Osteen claims is a 'quality in autistic lives that is valuable in and of itself'. The narrative also bristles with diagrams, maps, drawings, stories, texts that inform Christopher's lexicon for mapping meaning in a world of bewildering signs and sounds. In a survey of children's books which "teach about emotional life", Laura Jana wrote: "On the one hand, this is a story of how an undeniably quirky teenage boy clings to order, deals with a family crisis, and tries to make sense of the world as he sees it.

But it also provides profound insight into a disorder — autism — that leaves those who have it struggling to perceive even the most basic of human emotions. In so doing, The Curious Incident leaves its readers with a greater appreciation of their own ability to feel, express, and interpret emotions. This mainstream literary success made its way to the top of The New York Times bestseller list for fiction at the same time it was being touted by experts in Asperger's syndrome and autism-spectrum disorders as an unrivaled fictional depiction of the inner workings of an autistic teenage boy. Christopher often comments on his inability to appreciate some metaphors.

He gives as an example a quote that he found in "a proper novel": "I am veined with iron, with silver, and with streaks of common mud. I cannot contract into the firm fist which those clench who do not depend on stimulus. An author whom I love actually, but who sometimes got a little too carried away. The novel is developed in various semiotic modes or resources: maps, diagrams, pictures, smileys, and the like, which are not ornamental but crucial to the understanding of the novel. This means that Haddon's novel can be conceived as multimodal. The book was joint winner of the Boeke Prize , won the Whitbread Book of the Year award and sold more than two million copies.

School Library Journal praised it as a "rich and poignant novel". He shows us the way consciousness orders the world, even when the world doesn't want to be ordered", adding that "the great achievement of this novel is that it transcends its obvious cleverness. It's more than an exercise in narrative ingenuity. Filled with humor and pain, it verges on profundity in its examination of those things—customs, habits, language, symbols, daily routines, etc. A reviewer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote that the story is "a touching evolution, one that Haddon scripts with tenderness and care In , the book was ranked 19th on The Guardian ' s list of the best books of the 21st century.

Alex McClimens, whom Muller quoted above, also wrote: "This magnificent essay in communication is compulsory reading for anyone with the slightest interest in autistic spectrum disorders. This book is also required reading for those who simply enjoy a fascinating story Mark Haddon has created a true literary character and his handling of the teenage Asperger's heroic adventure is brilliantly crafted. He uses the literal mind-set of his hero to mask the true direction of the plot. The actual use of language is somewhat austere—an unavoidable consequence of having a boy with autism as a narrator— but it has its own beauty, and it works. So persuasive and so effective is the construction of Christopher, not only is he a character you're rooting for, he's also the character in the story you understand the best.

It's startling how believably and comfortably this story puts you into what you might have thought were likely to be some pretty alien shoes. Reviewer David Ellis, naming The Curious Incident an "ambitious and innovative novel", wrote that Haddon "manages to avoid the opposing pitfalls of either offending people with autism and their families or turning Christopher into an object of pity. Instead of becoming the focus of the plot the autism enhances it. The unemotional descriptions amplify many moments of observational comedy, and misfortunes are made extremely poignantly. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time has frequently been challenged due to offensive language, unsuited for age group, and religious viewpoint.

On 19 December, during a performance, parts of the ceiling fell down, injuring around 80 of the over patrons inside. A Bengali -English adaptation of the novel has been filmed by Sudipto Roy called Kia and Cosmos , with the gender roles of the characters reversed, and the plot centering around the killing of a cat called Cosmos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Novel by Mark Haddon. Retrieved 11 April Archived from the original PDF on 9 October Of course he was bisexual.

But maybe he had a big ding dong which amey enjoyed so she stayed with him till her death. After all men captivate us women with that magnificent staff of love. We go crazy and can't think straight. This is the best article I have found on the tragedy of Treadwell and his girlfriend. I like that the author is objective and unbias. I struggle, though, to wonder how was "Bart, the stunt bear" raised and trained by Mr. Sues sp able to never injure anybody who came into his beautiful path and star along side of Hollywood's A listers and be literally a pound teddy bear in real life?

If you watch documentaries on Bart, he was actually considered a brilliant "actor. Seus, but after reading this article, I would have to say that more credit for these large feats of acting and creating believable scenes of violent fights successfully and in always leaving every make-believe fight contestant, remarkably unscathed! Now, Bart's owners and trainer had this gentle giant since he was just months old and sadly he died of cancer around age 20, but how could this happen? It seems to be more than just pure luck. Was it mainly due to being orphaned so young? Why did the bear's preditory instinct never take over and why is this owner still given two more cubs to rear and train while Treadwell is heavily criticized for doing far less harm, it seems WHILE he is alive.

I agree that after his death he is to blame for the two subsequent bear's deaths but it seems that something is going on here that raises questions. I read that Bart II one of Seus's grizzly cubs as another movie trained male adult bear Also, who is the author of this great piece of literature, "The Night of the Living Bear"? I already have a lot of respect for you in your objectivity I have a degree in English with a teaching minor in Writing and this article is powerful, and does not attack Treadwell like many people who could not stay away from there opinions. In the movie "Grizzly Man", I think it is rude and disrespectful when the man I think a pilot if some sort, but not Willy who says, "He Treadwell got what he deserved.

That said, I want to know who the author of the above article is. I like how you are modest and state that you partly wrote the article to defer others from profiting from these two the couple's deaths. That speaks volumes yet give yourself some credit for a remarkable work. Also, with this article penned by "Administrator" this limits the help you can be for those of us who wish to continue to learn more about and learn from this sad event. I would think twice from just sending this as a letter to Alaska Parks and Recreation Admin for fear I wouldn't get the intelligent and unbiased author, rather that my letter and others and future letters penned by prospective park employees or bear enthusiasts wishing to be the next Mr.

Seus or Mr. Treadwell at heart but with an educated mind anyway, I would perhaps refrain from mailing this letter in search of seeking the experienced insightful author name unknown as it's recipient but,dreadfully, falling in the red neck ignorant hands of the pilot man who said outloud in a movie without much hesitation, that Treadwell got what he deserved. That's why it's also important that the world know who wrote this article. Who are you? I've searched online in hopes of finding out who wrote such a powerful article That also weakens the piece just a bit I am reluctant to say but it's the truth. How can others properly cite your article and moreso, with it basically being as close to anonymous as any, how can we use your powerful undying words and say they are from an expert?

Clearly the author is an expert as many educated readers may surmise but how do we know this and if we don't clearly know this,the article is weakened a bit. As modest as the author clearly is, I feel the author can spare some of his? Perhaps it isn't too late and all of us can attain satisfaction in knowing who penned such a strongy narrated article. Perhaps the author didn't want letters addressed to him? Thank you, regardless.

I am sure a select few know who wrote the above piece. I probably would have mailed this letter and anxiously waited for your reply had I, in fact, known who to properly address this to. I think the article is good enough to be in libraries Great article. Humans are incredibly fragile. We might be a superior species but only because of our brain, not our braun. Yes the death was gruesome but not out of the ordinary gor the wild. This is WILDlife and is to be met with only extreme respect. Anything else is foolish. Bears have instincts like humans. In this case, the humans should have continued their exit plan and listened to theirs but foolishy they didnt. He was trying to prove that bears are not monsters which they are not but they will eat when hungry and just about anything in site is on the menu.

Good on this guy gor doing what he wanted but a damn fool to ever think it wouldnt end this way. He tested fate 1 too many times. I think in his mind he was doing things for the greater good so his intent was pure. Meanwhile back in reality he was conditioning bears not to be afraid of humans in their area and in turn 4 deaths resulted. I doubt he would have wanted to see a bear killed but his actions alone created that chaos. In my opinion, Tim accomplished his mission. He committed suicide by bear. Its a shame however, that Amy died in the process too. This event did raise my awareness about the dangers of people coexisting with bears and bear behavior. Ive camped many nights in bear country and I never carried bear spray.

That will not happen again. As for the recording, I believe its real. I just believe it has been edited. Jewel was not the only one to have a copy. As far as inconsistencies with sound and distance. Keep in mind Tim had a microphone on his hip pocket. I also believe it was edited out of respect for Amy. This is more, a story of Tim committing suicide. The tragedy is Tim took Amy with him. I take it they never really discussed what Amy should do if Tim was attacked by a bear.

As soon as that bear started dragging him off as a food source. Amy should have ran in the opposite direction. I am sad for Amy. She never should have died that way. Thank you for this great article. As a person who grew up in Calgary, we are taught from an early age that bears are not your friends. Yes, the cubs are so cute but not your friends. We learned to live with the bears and respect their presence and we never had any serious issues. I do remember one time in late fall, my uncle taking the trash cans out to the road in the back of the truck armed with a shotgun as the bears had a food shortage and would attack trash cans.

This guy just annoys me. How ridiculous. He was no warrior. He was a fool who paid for his idiocy with his life. Bears are beautiful wild animals. Leave them be. Do not feed them. Do not approach them. Admire from a safe distance and be respectful. I recall watching "Grizzly Man" years ago and the photography was beautiful. But Treadwell was a fool. All he did was acclimate wild animals to human beings, putting humans and wild life in more danger.

Why anyone would want to listen to the tape of his being killed I will never understand. I truly understand human fascination with wild life. But after several trips to Yellowstone and watching how stupid tourists are around the bison, trying to pet them, climb on them or place their children on them, one has to wonder. What in the hell are they thinking? What in the hell was Treadwell thinking. He was incredibly lucky for 13 years and his luck ran out due to his reckless behavior. And sadly his girlfriend lost her life too hanging out with a fool. Great article on a harrowing reminder to respect nature. Obviously what Timothy did was wrong for both himself, Amie, and bears, but unlike a lot of the reviews here I can't find myself laying the blame on him.

I feel that in his head, he was helping, and he wasn't putting Amie in danger. It's almost more a a tale of how someone can be so beaten and bruised in life that they have to push all the painful and human choices they have made away. Ignoring and shunning the more aggressive and confrontational side of humanity and falling back on a kind of Disney perception of right and wrong. Saying that, I feel that Timothy was always a submissive person by nature, a 'patsy' as he says.

Nothing wrong with that, but perhaps he was always disappointed that he wasn't more of an action hero, and deliberately put himself in dangerous situations to prove that idea wrong. Who knows, all I can defiantly say is that he was very childlike, and obviously wanted to stay in a protected, child-like world. But let's face it, no one deserves the kind of tormented life or death Timothy endured. Nature is cruel.

I can't speak for Amie other then her utterly heroic feat, I mean fuck, Leonidas would have shed a tear. What a girl. Hopefully the end was quick. RIP both. The thing that really stands out to me, on top of everything else, is that he TT had no back up plan. No gun, I know, not permitted in national parks at the time. That's hubris beyond arrogance to my mind.

As for Aimee, she was educated, probably intelligent, and perhaps successful in her field, but those factors have never precluded naivete. She trusted TT, against her own instincts towards the end, and sadly paid the ultimate price. Great article about a sad and fascinating event. I am SO glad I found this article again, so many years later! Took some digging.

I too think that many of the bears in his videos were extremely close to attacking him and I find it odd he didn't pick up on this while editting his videos at the very least. Maybe it was willful ignorance but having so many close calls leads me to think that although he didn't intentionally cause Amie's death he certainly contributed to it and failed to protect her from the bears. If TT were still alive I believe he would want us all to focus on the extremely threatened polar bears and to help them survive after man has melted the sea ice that the bears use to catch their prey, seals.

The world needs to quit studying gas bubbles in Antarctic ice and redirect those funds to lead a manmade effort that involves transporting protein from beef or pork to the Arctic homes of the majestic polar bears. Commercial aircraft fly over the polar bear habitat so chartered planes or ships could drop animal carcuses over the region until we can figure out how to cool our planet down to re-form the sea ice.

Polar bears will become extinct if we fail to act. Complete Cali airheads I find it curious that the author cites Aimee as TT's lover? A sober recount of what might have happened. I watched the doc. I thought borderline schizophrenia and a narcissistic disorder. Very possibly gay. He really tries to be a nice guy, but at any point fails to convince me that he actually was a nice guy.

Can park laws be made stricter in order to protect wildlife from troubled individuals? I have read a whole bunch of articles on Tim and Amie's attack and death and in my humble opinion, I feel this is the closest to the truth there is. The one thing I would like to know more about is why did Tim say he had no family. That must have hurt his family something awful.

Part of the reason people like him start to get this romantic view of nature is because it is over-romanticized in much of popular culture, especially documentaries. I mean, sure, it's great but all animals-including humans-are the result of millions of years of a brutal and cold struggle. Just watch videos uploaded by regular people of hyenas and wild dogs hunting prey in Africa. It's extremely ruthless. There is nothing majestic or beautiful about it. Now think about the fact that up till the end of the last Ice Age, most of the world was filled with even more ferocious and massive beasts than currently exist. Anything that made it past that wild hell would have to have been incredibly tough. We lived through those times and it probably explains why we humans are as violent as we are.

But we've experienced a slow process of domestication via civilization, something that animals like bears and big cats have not. Anyone who wants to be in the proximity of wild animals must understand that or end up like TT. I've read just about everything about this incident and it really just sums up to a delusional man with "no family", claiming to protect bears, gets himself killed and his gf and two bears because he doesn't understand nor respects wild life. Am I the only one who thinks releasing the tape would probably help discourage other lunatics? Sorry Jewel Palovak, but tis seems more like censorship than respect.. Excellent article about Timothy Treadwell. I saw the "Grizzly Man" movie last year, so I knew nothing about his life or death. Timothy seemed like a very misguided man, thinking that this was his life mission, totally detached from society.

He was very passionate about bears, but lacked in common sense and healthy fear of wild animals. Sadly his actions caused his death and Amie his girlfriend. Hopefully this will serve as reminder to others that want to do this kind of work to listen to those who have been around such creatures and to use precaution when in their presence. Very sad ending to their lives. RIP Timothy and Amie. I actually appreciate this clearing up the fake audio as i nearly made a fool of myself alluding to it being real merely because I had fooled myself by so many repeat occurrences of the footage followed by others claiming it to be real, who were either intentionally perpetuating the hoax or just others fooled like me.

But I was originally skeptical. And what you said about bears being silent during attacks reminded me of why I was skeptical. When you hear the bears roar they are clearly closer to the camera than the screaming indicating a poor audio dubbing As i was increasingly fooled by repeats of the footage, I started to renounce my skepticism a little by saying maybe a second bear was wandering close to the camera as the other bear ate him because there are somewhat more distant roars in the footage too.

But a man and woman doing a coordinated effort one a single microphone they are both within similar proximity to seems more likely than the woman being just as far from the camera as he is. After all, someone hit record on the camera. Why would she as far away from it as he is? Thanks for confirming my doubts. Tim got what he deserved. He assumed the risk of putting himself in the worst possible situation hungry bears already late to start hibernating for the winter and scarce food to be found. Darn shame that he also placed Amie directly in harms way. To make this guy out to be a true conservationist is an insult to those knowledgeable rangers, hunters, sportsmen, etc Sadly, Ammie trusted and was with an idiot California nut that got what he deserved.

That bear ate the finger that he flips off the rest of society with in his so called documentary. Great article with new perspectives. Sad end of an extraordinary man and his love. I truly believe if there were more Treadwells this world would have been a better place for humans and animals. His fate reminds me a little bit of Steve Irwin's death. Caused by animals. All I wanted to do is listen to the six minute audio of Mr. Treadwell being eaten alive. Good writing of the events, if Tim would of keep a 44mag for just this kind of event he and his friend would still be here, not having a backup plan was his down fall, hope is not a plan.

Nice read I've seen a sasquatch twice in broad day light I respect the man. He did what he believe. He loved nature. But fail to study, learn,about their ways, Behaviors,thats a must before Confronting the objects. He's a great lost. He out stayed his welcome. In the mammal world. The young gets to the age where, they will Challenge the older, leaders for Authority if he beaten he kick out the Clan. In some cases it's a fight to the death. He was a Threat, he never made any physical Contact with them, thats call acceptance. He was an outsider. A threat to the males. Alpha, rule many Ignores that. I learn that. There were a lot of questions in my head.

Very informative and interesting! This gives a more in depth look onto Tim, Amie, and the incident. You also have quite a few sources, but what I'm really interested in is the incident report by Joel Ellis. Can that be found online? I wonder, is it possible that Amie wasn't killed by the bear? The ranger stated that she looked "as though she were peacefully asleep". Maybe she had had a heart attack or something and the bears only ate her dead body afterwards. I hope it was just so. In seeing the documentary and reading a lot about TT, it was obvious he had some serious mental issues. I would wager he was tormented w sexuality issues, and couldn't come out of the closet. He goes on and on about "wishing he was gay", as "it would be so much easier" You ARE gay".

I think initially he turned to heavy drugs to ease his pain w living life in the closet, and then, he turned to Wild Alaska, where he had no boundaries, labels, etc. His severe misstep was staying longer than usual that last summer. Makes total sense that he got GOT by an older bear that had come into the Maze after the younger, stronger bears, had had their fill of food and headed in to hibernate. I will say Kudos to Treadwell for living the life that he wanted to live Because of his disregard and disrespect for mother nature, 2 bears were killed just so ppl could investigate the "murder" scene.

Shouldn't have to work that way. Minor fact but this attacked happened at PM Alaska Time.. Overcast due to the nasty weather. Many people trash Timothy, but he did things for 13 years, up close and personal,,but, the law of averages catches up to you.. Why he didn't use a simple battery Bear cage around his tent or especially 'Counter Assault Bear Spray' I will never understand.. Some of these ass-whips say he deserved it,,Nobody deserves to be eaten alive,, even when he was wrong. Look at how many idiots get killed driving drunk? I used to be a cop and Tim lived in my sector.

I never arrested him for drunk driving. We all do stupid things at times. Tim was a lot more adventurous. Before I became a cop, in some idiot pulled a gun on me on Ipanema Beach in Rio. A greater idiot, I charged the guy. He shot me in the chest but I still played grizzly bear, running him down and beating the crap out of him. Stupid because I could have gotten another passport. Even dumber, I checked out of the hospital with the bullet resting on my aorta, went to the airport bar, had a few rum and cokes for the developing pain of the hematoma, then took a 9-hour flight to New York.

The bullet finally traveled last year and a doctor removed it during surgery on my shoulder. I looked into a doku about a photographer from Switzerland, which has been spending a lot of time in Alasca, filming bears Lotta speculation in this article. All I know is anyone who beats on a bear with a frying pan has balls, no matter how long they hesitate. Wish she'd had a gun, in a reasonable caliber. I came here since I heard the audio on youtube and wanted more insight and boy was this such a great read. Well researched and so informational in shedding light on such a tragedy that could have very well been prevented. Humans need to go into natural spaces with profound respect. And be aware that yes, in the woods, you will potentially run into the animals that live and thrive there, just like you may in the ocean.

Be aware and be smart. Do not feed any wild animals, period. Again, such a great read! I am impressed with your work. Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into this piece. I really appreciate it. I couldn't see the pictures for some reason, but appreciated reading the story. High 5 to you for trying to deter people from profiting on Tim and Amie's deaths. My impression of Tim is that he himself was an impulsive adrenalin freak who was using his obsession with bears to make a profit himself. If you can't get into show biz by acting, why not pretend to be a bear expert instead? And everyone saw it coming except him. People do stupid things for fame, money, and greed. Tim, and those fake Utube audio's, all in the same pile!

Thanks for an enlightening read! I hope your nightmares calm over time. I followed Tim starting in after I joined Sea Shepherd at the time. Just like any of us camping in a hostile environment. Not a good look. I would have spent as many seasons as I could with him out there. But I definitely would have had a firearm with me, just for protection. I give him a lot of respect for going into Alaska with none.

In the last paragraph of the "Discovery and Investigation" section, you mention that investigators performed a necropsy on the bear on Friday, October 8. How can that be when Treadwell and Amy were killed on Monday, October 6? I was a logger on Afognak Island in the 80's and once briefly encountered a brown bear, I was terrified. I was like a living Tiger Tank traversing the forest. There is an old Pioneer story about one of the original pioneering families on Afognak, island next to Kodiak. The Pioneer awoke in the middle of the night to his horses screaming in the barn.

When he investigated in the light of day the barn door was torn open and one of his to pound horses had been carried off. The scariest part of the story is that he found no front paw prints on the retreating path of the bear. The bear had literally carried the horse off walking on its hind legs. These animals are the most powerful land predictor known to exist. It is sad two of the wonderful, powerful, primitive, wild and majestic beasts had to die because of silly California Tourists who like to make videos. I'm not a clinical psychologist, but I've had my fair share of experience, the dude was screwed up, 1 3 minute clip of the movie can tell you a lot about how messed up this guy was, he claimed he protected the bears?

His presence by virtue of deliberately placing himself in harm's way in fact caused the death of a bear that would not have otherwise happened A harrowing In-depth account of events. So rare to find these days. Thank you! Extremely well written and thought article. You expressed compassion and kindness beside the facts. I find it very believable and insightful! It is a shame that you did not write a book I fully understand your reasoning and respect that tho as it would have given people much important information and helped to prevent this happening to others. At the same time, it would been feeling wrong to receive any money from it.

I truly wish that you find an another subject to write about as your writing style and reasoning is extremely good to read. Your voice is beautiful! I hope that you use it! Although I felt the opinion was a bit harsh and too "educated" where Treadwell had just been "lucky" all of these years, I believe in nature man doesn't give enough credit to our ancestral and primate tendancies akin to a child like state of being.

Animals are capable to express and behave as does any human in very similar ways. Treadwell, was incapable to discern between his "bears" previous behaviour and the one incident of a malnourished bear having a migraine, right before their monthly period if you know what I mean People also behave differently during times of stress and do very messed up things. It might have been Treadwell's child like behaviour and outlook that allowed him to be accepted within the wild as opposed to most humans looking at animals as food or another low life form. I got my words out but I wanted to say. I enjoyed your writing, research, and opinion and very much think you should write your book.

It is not benefiting from death, but rather valuing life. Your words and story help others even though it would include lessons from others. Interesting, well done and terrifying article. Very sad too, and we can learn many lessons from these deaths, but one seems more relevant: bears are killers, not cute animals. Do nothing but stay away from the bears. For your own good. What I don't understand about this article is why would anyone be mystified with this tragedy.

For starters, this particular bear was unfriendly. Not only that, but it's a known fact that hunger will agitate any living species. I've even known humans to get very angry when they are hungry, including myself. So it makes sense that this bear was fed up with being hungry, got desperate, and was willing to eat anything. Including two humans. Sadly, I don't think there was anything Tim or Amy could have done at this point. This bear was desperate for food and they were it.

My next point is about people posting about which type of mental illness Tim had. And from what I read, no one has a degree in this field or even a related one. But what I do know, is about my own experience working in the field of criminology and psychology. And I feel there is not enough information to make any such diagnosis. But from what I observed, is that Tim had an addictive behavior. First, it was drugs and alcohol, and it nearly killed him until he "kicked" the habit. Then he went on to bears, a new "habit" which he didn't think would be just as deadly.

Another observation is the clips of him on TV. I noticed that he was very arrogant. He claimed he wouldn't die by "paws" and "claws. And he said he can f'ing survive the grizzly maze, but the rest of us couldn't. So it was clear that he did have mental health issues, to say the least. But it's still not enough to make a diagnosis without professional guidance. Not only that, but there are clues hidden in his childhood. Signs that he had grown up in a dysfunctional family. His drinking and acting out by "bashing" a car indicates such.

Also, his constant abuse of drugs and alcohol. Many teens and adults do this to try to escape the pain. What's also interesting is his relationship with his parents. And there could be a number of explanations for this one. For starters, he changed his last name to his mother's maiden name. This could indicate that he was closer to her than his dad. Or he could have done this out of fear, thus wanting to please her. Who knows? What's just as interesting is what happened after he died.

He left his parents nearly nothing, which also could indicate his distant relationship with both of them. Again, it would have to take in-depth research to reveal exactly what his mental health issue was. Until then, I bet there is a lot more to be uncovered. In the book, it was 1 oz. Dead within 15 seconds. You will hear a thousand opinions on gun forums. If you do the basic math, the physcis dictates the shorgun is a poor man's elephant gun. No fancy slug, any 1 oz. They simply work bt far best, by far.

Hi Mr. Sanders, Thank you for the thorough research and analysis. I just watched the second documentary Herzog's , and it was quite disturbing. Your analysis helped greatly, thanks again. He was quite sad to hear of Dave's passing - he learned of it in If you knew Dave, my Father's email address: wdbmd verizon. Thanks again for your work, Brad. Tim Treadwell was an idiot and a mentally ill man child who as a grown man still felt the adolescent urge to defy authority.

He broke every rule simply because he actually believed he knew better than the Rangers who work that territory every day. That makes him about the stupidest man I've ever heard of. Watching him in that movie convinces me that he had the emotional and intellectual brain of a child The one rule he should have broken but ironically never did was not to be armed. I wouldn't willingly go within 10 miles of that many half ton predators without at least a. I will never consider a competing predator at the top of the food chain my friend and I will defend my place at the very top of the food chain instantly and with deadly force.

Our only advantage and the whole reason we occupy the top is our tool making ability. Only a damned fool faces man eaters unarmed and the park service is crazy to ask anyone to do so, the bears be damned. Not all the bears on earth are worth 1 human Dear Bear Man; Excellent analysis, at least from my experiences with bears. My horses have taught me much about the body language of animals. Apparently my horses can hear a heartbeat from x distance. I have no respect for Treadwell. I think Treadwell wanted to be anything but Treadwell. Treadwell like all radical environmentalists may not have suffered from a low IQ but he was highly naive, extremely selfish with a big ego. We all hope when our time comes that it will be peaceful.

I watched the docu and it was very engrossing. Timothy clearly wanted to be portrade as a misunderstood conservationist. Very, very sad. I think he was a severely mentally ill individual with a major death wish. It's very clear in his videos he was screaming out to be loved. Telling his closest friends the bears and fox he loved them. In his imagination he heard them respond 'I love you too, Timothy.

It saddens me he ran with such a foolish group of people that clearly didn't care on bit for him. As a mother of a wonderful son who's had his own issues Why weren't you there for him??? Bears are wild killers. This reminded me of that young "missionary" who was killed by some time he delusionally wanted to convert. I never heard of Treadwell before seeing him in some random Facebook comment on a stupid video about cute cuddly bears being just like humans. Yes they're actually a lot like people. You meet the wrong person at the wrong time and you're dead, too. Anyway, thanks for the article! Great read.

I spent five years studying wolves in the wild in Canada in the 's. The biggest problem was trying to get anywhere near them. They are incredibly timid and will not allow you to see them. All my observations had to be done from a number of blinds set up near dens. They knew I was in there but as long as I didn't come out they would ignore me. If I came out, they scattered.

There have been only a handful of fatal wolf attacks in the last years in all of North America, and most of these involved rabid animals. You could chase a wolf off its kill and it would run away. My problem was to try to get them NOT to run away so I could watch, but, as I said, that could only happen if they couldn't see me. None of this can be said for grizzly bears. They are extremely dangerous, highly unpredictable and fatalities occur about once a year. Trying to get up close to wolves results from scientific and personal curiosity. Trying to get up close to grizzlies represents suicidal tendencies.

It was the same with the "Crocodile man", it was a matter of time , all my Wildlife savvy friends agree ,he was going to get the chop. Any money you made could be used for a good cause. In fact more people would probably buy it. Only way I found this was by following a citation link from another story. Pure accident. I agree Tim was probably bipolar. Have a friend and relative with it and his behaviours,beliefs and attitude are strikingly similar. Btw I get that the map is not to scale but the distances are off in a bad way. How can the distance from Tim to Amy be 30 m when a marked distance from a spot between them,to Amy,be 68 m? Makes no sense. You might want to fix that.

Write the book. Unless this is all the info you have of course. I really loved this article. I watched Grizzly Man 2 times and some things popped up as suspicious and I will say this about Tim. I believe as a child he was molested. By whom, I could never guess. I will say that my son was molested and told us near his 13th birthday. I know this all too well! His need to escape humans and antisocial behavior, again point to the social awkwardness and anxiety he felt toward people. Nine out of ten children who are molested never speak of the horrors they lived through. I do know first hand that these children develop mental health and addiction disorders and social ramifications that I cannot even have the time nor space to list.

He has all classic symptoms of a child who had lived through molestation. I am sorry a young woman and 2 bears died from his bad thought processing but please if he was molested as I am almost sure of; please have consideration of his mental stability. I believe he loved bears and when a child is molested they stay mentally at age molested. Therefore, he had thought processing skills of year old boy. His rants and fits were indicative of that age bracket.

I think this would clear a lot of his mental instability. Please let me know what you think? Amazing article. Don't know why are so many bipolars posting thad Tim was a bipolar too. I think he was only dumb af. Feel sad for his girlfriend thought, seems to me he dragged her to that life. The article is 5 stars!! Where did you get your medical degree? Out of all the things this man obviously suffered from, like a full blown bipolar manic psychosis, you go to struggling with closet homosexuality?

Pretty sure that is more your hang up than his. He clearly overcompensated in his tapes. Easy to see. No doubt he was bullied. But if you truly think that that is his main diagnosis, you need to turn that degree back in. Take a clinical psychology course and try again. Specifically learn about bipolar mania and hypomania. This man died from untreated mental illness. And that is why it is so sad. He needed someone that cared enough to get him help. Seen a lot of Tim bashing here.

Calling him nuts. The correct term for him is Bipolar 2. Possibly pushing Bipolar 1. As a person dealing with my own idiosy and grand ideas when I slip into hypomania, I'd bet my life in this amateur diagnosis. What I do and would do during hypomania has me seeing this as it is. He was in a manic cycle which I think he liked and made sure to push himself into one during bear season. I love being hypomanic. I just don't like some of my behaviors during it. This could have very well been me. If I cared about bears that much. Sleep well Tim and Aimee. And thank you article writer. It was accurate, fair and balanced. Well written. The story has fascinated me since I learnt about Timmy's tragedy in Thank you for putting this story up with your own insightful input.

If you see a black mama bear racing towards you and your heart beat doesn't change, you are an abnormal human being. I you glanced around and saw a grizzly bear at a distance and your heart does not stop for a moment, you are a very abnormal human being. If additionally, you attempted to go and manipulate the behaviour of those wild animals in order to have them coexist with you, you must be crazily delusional. Many delusional people go in life not having their delusion proven to them. But when you go to the wild and provide beasts with many opportunities to prove your delusion to you, one of them or some of them WILL take the offer.

The article is great except that the author does not correctly identify the bear that killed and ate Tim and Amie. I know the bear was the one known as Quincy the Bear by Tim. He was an old bear and Tim included footage of Quincy in the Grizzle Man Diaries, and Tim said they were great friends, which was sad, considering that Quincy was the old Grizzly bear that was identified by Jans as Bear , which had a lot of human flesh inside its stomach after the rangers killed it. I do not know why the bear is not correctly identified, after all this time. After reading your excelent article which I stumbled across by chance and then looked up the Documentary my opinion is that by staying later than ussual in the year, most of the healthier well fed bears that were used to Tims pressence went into hibernation thus leaving their territory free for wilder more agresive less well fed bears who were desperate to put on weight to go into hibernation, these bears would not hessitate to kill and feed at the first oportunity they would have encontered.

Another consideration I have is had Amie stood her ground after she initially startled the bear maybe Tim would not have been draged away as it basicaly became a fight over prey,. This of course I say with the upmost respect to her and Tim as I write this from the confort of my living room. I've seen the movie "Grizzly Man" and enjoyed it. But I'm not a fan of Treadwell. To me what he was doing had very little to do with protecting the bears, but a big publicity stunt to get attention he couldn't get as an actor. I put a lot of the blame on the Park Service for Tim's death.

They should of enforced the regulations better and not allow someone as reckless as Tim back in the park. He was an habitual violator. First off seeing as firearms are not allowed in national parks Tim should have at least had the sense to carry bear spray whether he liked it or not. I also am in the ball park that the original recording should be released so that people like Tim can listen to it and know what the end result was. RIP to them both. Best I've read on this tragic story which has long fascinated me. I've also heard some fake YouTube tapes supposedly of the sad ending of TT which I never thought for a minute were real although chilling nevertheless. Someone has written hear that Jewel destroyed said tape but in the documentary Werner listens to it, advises Jewel to never listen to it, to which she replies that she is going to put it in a safe place not destroy it.

I also find it hard to believe the bearthought TT was another bear. Bears are not that stupid surely after all they see other bears everyday and TT did not look anything like one. If that were the case bears would assume all other creatures were also bears and may even try to mate with them which clearly doesn't happen. Just saying. There is no dignity in death, and each of us reaches the same fate Timothy was the captain of that self-delusional doomed vessel.

The apex predators he harassed through his own dogged desires and fateful actions all paid the ultimate price as well. That is the true tragedy of this tale.

Research paper basics. The Beautiful Lady sober recount Moral Knowledge Between The Lady With The Pet Dog And Doubt what might The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Language Analysis happened. We are all too aware of the key reason for this tragedy, but it is such a disturbing tragedy, many of us want to know more - if not for only educating ourselves.