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Sensational Murder Case Study

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Kennedy Jr. Prof Brown outlined an extraordinary plot in which Sirhan had worked as a stable lad for a ranch owner with links to the Mafia and CIA. He said that after once injuring himself falling from a horse, Sirhan was drugged and taken to a secret location for mind-control experiments like those performed by the CIA. The agency and the Mob have both been key players in conspiracy theories over JFK's death.

Sceptics of this outlandish tale say Prof Brown was taken in by Sirhan, who had read up on hypnosis and knew exactly what would sound convincing. Leaving aside CIA mind control, there was the crucial question of how many bullets had been fired that night — and by who. Ballistics became a key battleground in the arguments over Sirhan's guilt. Lead crime scene investigator DeWayne Wolfer had testified at the trial that a bullet taken from Kennedy's body and bullets from two wounded victims all matched Sirhan's gun. But other experts who examined the three bullets said that they had markings from different guns and different manufacturers. An internal police document emerged that concluded that 'Kennedy and Weisel [a TV producer who was wounded] bullets not fired from same gun' and 'Kennedy bullet not fired from Sirhan's revolver'.

In , an LA judge called on a panel of seven forensic experts to examine the three bullets and re-fire Sirhan's gun. The panel were unable to match the three bullets with Sirhan's gun and, criticising the original police forensic examination, called for further investigation. Another question mark hung over exactly how many bullets had been fired. Witnesses said bullet holes were found in door frames in the hotel's kitchen area, but the three bullets that hit Kennedy and the five that wounded others would have accounted for all eight rounds in Sirhan's revolver.

Given he hadn't had time to reload before two bystanders forced him down on to a metal countertop and shook the gun out of his hand, that suggested there had been a second gun. Police countered that the holes in the door frames hadn't been made by bullets but the evidence had been destroyed after the trial. Some have even talked darkly of a police cover-up, a theory that received a boost in when — after years of resisting calls to release their files on the case — investigators and prosecutors finally offered up a huge amount of new material.

It included an audiotape made in the hotel ballroom by a Polish journalist who had left the tape running after Kennedy left the victory celebrations. An audio engineer said it revealed there had not only been around 13 rather than eight gun shots, but that they had been fired from different directions and from different guns. Those who have questioned the official view that Sirhan was the lone gunman found an important ally in Paul Schrade, the union leader who had accompanied Kennedy from the ballroom and who was hit by a bullet just above his forehead, although it miraculously bounced off his skull. Mr Schrade believed that Sirhan had fired the bullets that wounded him and four others but he has been convinced for decades that he didn't fire the one that killed Bobby.

Robert Kennedy was walking through the kitchen of the hotel stopping to speak with supporters when he was shot, June Now 96, Mr Schrade told a parole board hearing five years ago there was 'clear evidence' that a second gunman shot Kennedy. He insists investigators knew there was a second gunman but wanted to wrap up the case quickly so never pursued him. Fellow witness Nina Rhodes-Hughes, a Kennedy campaign fundraiser who was there, has also fuelled the 'second gunman' theory, telling CNN in 'What has to come out is that there was another shooter to my right. My father was the chief law enforcement officer in this country. So who was the second gunman? The finger has been pointed at Thane Eugene Cesar, an armed private security guard who was standing behind Kennedy when he was shot.

Cesar, who died in , admitted he drew his gun but insisted he never fired it, although he gave conflicting accounts over the years. It's been claimed that Cesar had extreme Right-wing views and hated the Kennedys. Robert Kennedy Jr is among those who believes Cesar killed his father, releasing a statement as soon as he died claiming the guard had 'grabbed my father by the elbow and guided him toward Sirhan'. When Kennedy recoiled after Sirhan started shooting, he fell back straight on to the drawn weapon of Cesar, said the senator's son.

So, hypnotised fall guy for a sinister CIA plot or just further proof of America's hopeless addiction to conspiracy theories? Whether Sirhan Sirhan is finally released or not, the battle over his place in American history seems certain to continue. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. Was an innocent man framed for Bobby Kennedy's murder? Much has been written about JFK's killing, but few know the mysteries surrounding his brother's death that have even convinced his son. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Was innocent man framed for Bobby Kennedy's murder?

Comments Share what you think. No attempt is made by the police themselves to disguise the fact that arrest upon arrest, each equally fruitless, has produced in the official minds a feeling almost of despair. A corps of detectives left Leman street yesterday morning, and the officer, under whose direction they are pursuing their investigations, had in their possession quite a bulky packet of papers all relating to information supplied to the police, and all, as the detective remarked, "amounting to nothing.

In the first place there are hundreds of men about the streets answering the vague description of the man who is "wanted" and we cannot arrest everybody. The reward for the apprehension of the murderer has had one effect - it has inundated us with descriptions of persons into whose movements we are expected to inquire for the sole reason that they have of late been noticed to keep rather irregular hours and to take their meals alone. Some of these cases we have sent men to investigate, and the persons who it has proved have been unjustly suspected have been very indignant, and naturally so.

The public would be exceedingly surprised if they were made aware of some of the extraordinary suggestions received by the police from outsiders. Why, in one case, the officer laughingly remarked, it was seriously put to us that we should carefully watch the policeman who happened to be on the particular beat within the radius of which either of the bodies was found.

The amount of work done by the detectives through this series of crime has been, he added, enormous. We do not expect that the batch of inquiries to be undertaken today will lead to any more satisfactory result than those of previous days On 20th October , the Illustrated Police News did publish two suspect sketches. As such they did little to help with the hunt for Jack the Ripper and may well have hindered it since the police were inundated with tip-offs about anyone who bore even the slightest resemblance to these crude suspect sketches. The Jack the Ripper murders were the subject of a huge police operation. As the killings increased in their ferocity, the police found themselves subjected to growing press and public criticism.

One of the biggest criticisms was that no reward was being offered that might lead to the perpetrator being identified.. Police Officers. Sir Charles Warren Police Commissioner. James Monro Police Commissioner. Inspector Frederick Abberline Lead Investigator. Inspector Henry Moore Lead Investigator. Inspector Edmund Reid Investigating Officer. Inspector Joseph Helson Investigating Officer. Sergeant William Thick Investigating Detective. Melville Macnaghten Chief Constable, Scotland yard.

Join The Conversation. Search For Information. Om Bahadur, the watchman of Kodanad Estate, belonging to the late chief minister, was found hanging dead on a tree with his throat slit and another watchman lying with serious injuries. One of the rooms of the guest house inside was found broken open on the night of April 24 in and police had registered a burglary and murder case. Earlier on August 27, the court had adjourned the case to September 2 after the AIADMK lawyers cited a case in the High Court and argued that the matter cannot be taken up by the lower court. Click here to join our channel indianexpress and stay updated with the latest headlines.

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