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The Handmaiden Film Analysis

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The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi) - Official Movie Review

She continually muses on her real name, and her narration is liberally spiced with wordplay and other demonstrations of her dexterity with language. The movie adaptation was directed by V. The movie follows the book with some exceptions. It is possible to say that the movie and its director grasps the spirit of the book and skillfully follows ideas and ideology created by Atwood. In these sessions they enact various minor transgressions like playing Scrabble, a game forbidden to women because it promotes literacy Howells Sexual energies that are ostensibly transgressive thus circulate rather freely in the text, despite the repressive environment.

It is possible to say that the movie adds sexuality to the narration and emphasizes gender relations. Lesbian relationships between the Jezebels are openly condoned, though the society at large is homophobic Feuer The movie emphasizes that sexual relations in the Republic of Gilead is a matter not of emotion or biology, but of pure political power. It seems that the novel pays more attention to political ideology using sexual relations only as a frame of this ideology.

Similarly, the religious emphasis that centrally informs the society is concerned not with spiritual salvation but with political domination. Television programming in Gilead consists primarily of religious programs and of biased news reports that are little more than official propaganda. Literature is strictly censored and controlled. Most women are not allowed to read at all; the signs in stores consist of pictorial symbols so that shopping will not require reading.

Even the Bible is considered highly dangerous—as it was, in fact, in the Middle Ages. Of course, an element of religious fundamentalism has always been present in American culture. That a resurgence of these energies like that embodied in the Republic of Gilead could occur thus bespeaks an inability of Western society to learn the lessons of history. Indeed, the regime in Gilead, like so many dystopian regimes, works hard to prevent its subjects from learning such lessons, and one of the central strategies of the Republic of Gilead for stabilizing its power is to attempt to efface all memory of the recent past in which women enjoyed a more liberated existence.

In the new film version, I would follow the ending of the book. In the new version, I would avoid sexuality and emphasize religious and political ideas of the novel. The Gileadeans have in fact imported a number of bits of spurious Christian ideology, as when the distribution of women as sexual objects among men in the society is justified by a perversion of Marx that is claimed to come from St. I would pay more attention to religious ceremonies which reflect Christian rituals. This is an important part of the narration because it adds a hope to the end of the book, especially since the symposium of historians described in the epilogue is chaired by a woman, indicating significant social and professional advancement for women since the demise of Gilead.

Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Within its lavishly sinister corridors we find rooms within rooms, spaces between the public and the private, the liminal and the subliminal. Down in the basement, something tentacular writhes, pulsating to the perverse rhythms of a library of Sadean pornographic writings. In one arrestingly weird scene, a theatrical reading from a work of allegedly erotic literature is illustrated with the aid of a giant marionette, providing an absurdist tableau which leaves its ridiculous male spectators frantically fanning their red faces and squirming awkwardly in their seats.

As for Park, he clearly relishes the opportunity to tie his audience up in knots, engaging them in a carefully choreographed game of cat-and-mouse, which his well-chosen cast play to a T. Despite the daunting running time, the film flies by in a breathless whirl of cinematic exuberance. Mark Kermode's film of the week Thrillers. The Handmaiden review — a ripe, erotic tale.

Read more. The Handmaiden Film Analysis constantly at odds with The Handmaiden Film Analysis another and themselves. The Playlist. Hideko doses Fujiwara's wine with drops from the opium vial, causing him to pass out The Handmaiden Film Analysis she takes the money and leaves.